6 Things that a successful relationship needs other than love!

Are you in love with someone? Are you doing everything that a successful relationship needs but you still have irreconcilable fights? Relationships are not necessarily great if there is only love. Your love is best fructified, with other ingredients. Initially you might feel like love is the only thing that makes a relationship successful, but as it matures you realise that it involves a lot more compromise and sacrifices than you thought. In fact love without the other factors is doomed to fail. It is like giving a plat only sunlight without proper nutrition and water conducive for its survival. Here are a few other things you need to take care of, if you want your relationship to be successful:

6 Things that a successful relationship needs other than love!

Maintain Trust at all times


There are too many relationships that are still dragging just because of the habit that people have developed out of living with each other but there is no trust at all. Without trust, all your relationship has is thorns that pierce you every moment. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, your relationship needs to have trust as a foundation. It takes time to build trust in a relationship but seconds to destroy it. So make sure you do everything to stay devoted to the relationship you have committed to and can maintain trust between your partner and you.


Earn respect instead of demanding


If you cannot respect your partner, you don’t love them. Mutual respect is important is you want to establish trust and support. You have to make the effort to create an environment where your partner can respect you. You cannot hope for respect if you don’t really work to achieve it. Disrespect sows the seeds for slow killing in a relationship. It only means that you care less about your partner’s wishes and expectation or opinions. You need to have enough respect in the relationship to make it survive.


Accept more easily


Some people constantly nag about their partner’s past and the littlest decisions their partners take. You have to be more accommodative of all that you partner had done before he met you. Also, there will be certain irritants in your partner’s personality that will irk you from time to time. You will have to accept them depending on the degree of their acceptability. While you might be seeing the flaws, your partner might actually be working hard to keep the relationship going. Since neither of you are perfect, so just let it go.


Be there for each other

6 Things that a successful relationship needs other than love!

Your partner should be your greatest support system. No matter how independent you or your partner are, support is always necessary. There are times when your partner will be counting on you for your support. You should be there for your partner at all times. You have to show that you understand what your partner is going through and that you are ready to face things together. In the process, your bond will strengthen and your partner will never feel alone.


Communicate well


People are not mind readers. You cannot expect your partner to know all that is happening with you. You need to let them know what you need, where your relationship is lacking and what you expect. You have to be open to communication with your partner if you wish to establish trust and respect. No relationship can be successful unless a communication channel is always open. Just like you wish your partner to listen to you, you will have to be willing to open up and convey things that your partner needs to hear. Of course, you will have to be cautious of all that you say or else you may end up ruining your relationship.


Be sensitive


You have to be sensitive when it comes to dealing with a relationship. If your partner does all the work and you forget to acknowledge that, you will end up hurting that person. If your partner conveys to you that they need something or they expect something from you, you will have to atleast show that you are willing to work on it rather than letting your circumstances decide. Being sensitive means you value their emotions without being judgemental. An insensitive partner is hard to deal with. Not only do you have to be sensitive with your words but also thoughts and actions. For what you feel will eventually solidify into actions and if you harbour insensitive thoughts about your partner, you will eventually end up hurting them the most with your actions.


Unless your relationship has these key ingredients, you will never make it through the tough times. If your relationship is still lacking in these elements, it is high time you make amends or else your relationship will be far from fulfilling and successful.

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