6 things that keep Golfer Michelle Wie focused

Michelle Wie

6 Lessons we can learn from Michelle Wie

We all have heard about the golf player Michelle Wie. That lady seriously knows how to keep her body and mind in top health. She says she believes in little things to keep her healthy, even under pressure.

As 2016 started, Wie is focused on 6 things that will keep her focused and fueled for the year.

  1. She’s ready to hit the gym: For all those who don’t know Michelle Wie suffered from injuries last year. But, the good news is she has recovered and is all set to join a gym to rebuild her strength. In a statement, she mentioned that she doesn’t want to go to a gym to do the heavy lifting. For now, she is just focusing on making her muscles stronger and steadier. Therefore, yoga and band workouts are on her agenda.
  2. She listens to her body: Wie believes that fitness is not only working out hard in the gym. At times we have got to listen to our bodies. We all need rest and when the body says ‘I need rest.’ Then the workouts have to stop. Period
  3. Staying on schedule is important as well:Wie says that knowing the difference between ‘I don’t want to do it and I can’t do it’ is important. At times we can’t do it because our body is not supporting us. However, being an athlete, she sometimes has to pass through this barrier.
  4. She focused on eating right: Wie has always wanted to eat real food and not just only focus on supplements. For now she has stuck to dairy-free and gluten-free diet. She says it’s better to eat fruits than to take vitamins. Although everyone is different and so are their needs, but, Wie says for her eating real food has always been better.
  5. She keeps the proteins handy: She always keeps the protein handy. Her favorite one is tuna and salmon pouches and she always have been in her gym bag and her golf bag. Proteins are packed with energy and keeping them handy seems like an intelligent option.
  6. Don’t worry about the future: Wie says she was never too keen on the future and didn’t really worried about the past. Stay and focus on the future is what Wie says. She does everything for the present and does not worry about the future.


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