6 things that woman no more need to explain

She is a mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend and a colleague but her role playing doesn’t diminish her from the position of being human she should do whatever she wants and stop explaining the reason for her deed. Her choice of marriage, food habit or becoming a mother it is totally her take in life just like the queen in the chess board does what she wants and reigns supreme.

Why do you feel the need of explaining herself for any deed you do especially to another women? It is your decision to give your work priority and not opt for babies or not even get married, people will judge for whatever you do but if you believe in shredding away the inequality then you won’t explain them on why you did this and why that.

Here are some everyday things a women should stop explaining and apologizing about.

shield-417827_12801. Housework

You might have had a working mother who would come home and do all the work that needs to be done like, cooking, cleaning, washing and feeding the other family members on the other hand you might not like doing the daily chores after a hard day at work and instead prefer lazing around, but that doesn’t make you less of a women.

2. Work doesn’t define motherhood

Now you might have a baby to look after but still prefer to going to work but that doesn’t make a less of a mother to your child, but if you are among those who prefer staying back home to their child and spend the time with little one then it is also ok! As taking care of your child doesn’t make you a women who has given up on her career, it just means that it is her preference. Working or not working doesn’t define what type of mother you are to your baby.

3. Choosing to work or not

You want to work or you don’t want to work this is your decision to take, you might be highly educated but prefer sitting at home and doing freelancing than your friend who hates sitting back home and has opted for a 9-5 job instead. Your working or not working should not be the reason of explaining people around why did you do the same.

4. Marriage

There is no such age of getting married, you might be the one who have been dreaming of getting married since their childhood or you are one such who doesn’t want to get married at all. It is our society who fixes a marriageable age not our mind, getting married and starting a family depends on a women her mental preparation whether she is in any way able to take care of new responsibilities and family. If you want to get married and start a family that doesn’t mean you are any less of a 21st century women. It is about individual preferences and not societal expectations.

5. Changing the surname

Now you have had this urge of not changing your maiden name after you get married but your friend on the other hand had opted for her husband’s name but that doesn’t define neither you nor your friend. It is an option either you choose or you don’t this is as simple.

6. Obsession over a Body type

Being fat, or having that perfect hour glass figure neither defines you nor your femininity. This over reaction about a body type shouldn’t affect you as a person, why would you even think that a skinny girl would be preferred over a fat girl? It isn’t the truth, your body type is fine until you get obsessed with it. Being comfortable in your skin is the first quality of being a women stop explaining your female counterparts about the reasons behind your body type, if you are ok with your body then nobody else should matter.

If you think that you really are a 21st century women then get rid of these stereotypes as they won’t fetch you any good but would rather bring your self-esteem down.

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