6 Things that you will have to accept if you want a successful relationship

Relationships are never easy. No matter how good you bond initially, it is never a cake walk in the long run. We have our own set of expectations no matter how skilled we are at keeping it low. To be fair, it is quite obvious to have expectations out of something to you choose to invest in. In fact it is necessary to have expectations so that your partner is aware and can live up to it. Expectations sometimes act as checks and balances in a relationship. However, just like expectations, you also need to be open to certain aspects that a relationship challenges you with. It is easier to have your expectations met when you are equally ready to do your part as well.

6 Things that you will have to accept if you want a successful relationship

If you are least accepting of your partner, you will never be able to make it successful. On an individual level, if you try and assess your relationship with yourself, it is only great when you learn to accept who you are and also the way you are. It is all the more imperative that you learn to accept your partner along with all the challenges that come forth. Only when you are more open to accepting, you take your relationship to a higher level of satisfaction. Here are a few things that you need to be accepting of for a successful relationship:


Accept that you are not identical to each other


You are not by any chance an identical twin of your partner. Even identical twins aren’t similar in their outlook. There will always remain differences which if cannot be uprooted altogether can definitely be worked upon. Nonetheless, you also have many common interests with your partner or else your relationship would have never materialised in the first place. Therefore, think of your differences as your strengths. If everything was similar between your partner and you, then there would be no spark to keep things enjoyable. So, accept the differences and work on maintaining a balance.


Accept that you cannot mould him the way you want


Your partner has some unique traits that makes him different from you. Remember those times when those attracted you to him? You cannot force someone to make changes in themselves unless they themselves commit to it. Let him be the way he wants to or else you will drive your relationship to a disaster. If there are traits that are causing serious issues, talk about it and if they are beyond your capacity to solve, then look for ways to get out of the relationship without poisoning your relationship.


Accept his apologies

6 Things that you will have to accept if you want a successful relationship

You have to have a forgiving nature with a partner. Just like you are not perfect so is he beyond perfection. Remember, “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”. Your relationship is not a race. There will be ups and down. The cause can be you or him. Try and be the bigger person in a relationship. If both of you embark on this attitude, you will definitely have a successful relationship.


Accept that you won’t always be right


You cannot have a “Miss-know-it-all” attitude in a relationship. You should not even try and have an image where you act like you are always right and your partner’s opinions are trash. There are times when your way of looking at things may be far from reality and your partner may be right. When you are more accepting of this, you leave open the gates for your opinions to be heard. It makes you an understanding person who is more adjusting to all kinds of circumstances.


Accept that you have another reality


As much as you want the world to respect your individual identity, you also have to accept the fact that your identity transcends into a much unique identity when you enter into a relationship. A individuals we have a different set of beliefs and ways of looking at things but in a relationship, with time, you also tend to have other variables that influence your ideas and beliefs. As much as maintaining your individual identity is important in a relationship, you should also accept the fact your the identity of your relationship also shapes you in larger ways.


Accept the bad as much as you like the good


When you promise to stand by a person in a relationship, you also commit to accepting this person with his good and bad. Every relationship has its own set of troubles.  What makes a successful relationship is the ability and tenacity of the partners to look beyond the minor issues and be more anticipating of all the good that is to come eventually. So, be more embracing and work on enhancing your happiness rather than cribbing over that which is beyond your control.