6 Things women do better than men


Might sound staunchly feminist, but women definitely are better than men, which is to say, they do a host of things better than men. A gender bias exists in most societies of the world that aims to suppress or subjugate women and ingrains the idea of the male superiority ever since the process of socialisation starts. Here are a list of things women do better than men:

They are smart communicators: According to studies women speak three times more than men each day. Conveniently tagged as ‘chatterboxes’ and ‘gossipmongers’, that’s not the end of it. Women can quite easily speak their hearts out and communicate all that bothers them. Men on the other hand, choose to shy away from conversations, neglect or avoid expressing verbally. Science proves women process emotions and words much better than men.

They are better- abled in handling stress: Women tend to be more balanced and creative thinkers than men. No wonder, every guy might complain of a woman being teary- eyed almost all the time; nonetheless, it is almost a clear line of thinking once the crying subsides. This, is however backed by science itself. Hormones play an important role here. Cortisol, Epinephrine and Oxytocin can explain the differences in the behaviour of the sexes. Under stress, Cortisol and Epinephrine levels rise, giving rise to blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Oxytocin and Estrogen then brings about a calming effect that causes stress hormones to subside. Oxytocin secretion in men is in minute quantities that hinders management of stress.

They can manage finances without hassles: You will not hear of women incurring huge losses or financial crashes as is the case with men. This might probably the case why families in India run smoother than elsewhere since women efficiently manage budgets than men. Although they love spending, they are more careful than men in minding their savings and expenditure.

They can hold on to relationships efficiently: Men are well known for their “commitment phobic” attitudes. Nature has made a woman more sensitive to the needs of people she loves. Science states, men have 20 times more testosterone as compared to women which makes them more dominating and overly interested in physical pleasures.

They can memorise things better: Women are wired to have a sharper memory than men. They can efficiently remember which day they met you, what you were wearing, your favourites and even the shopping list.

They multi- task like pros: Women can cook, do the daily chores, shop, take care of the family, solve problems, and even work outside as bread earners. This is because men use the left hemisphere of their brains better, which leads to breaking problems and dealing with them one by one. On the other hand, women are more balanced in both the hemispheres and can use the specific parts to multi-task.

The list is never ending. In quite a neutral fashion, you can keep counting all the qualities women possess.

Anushree Ghosh


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