6 Tips to beat work anxiety

You have started missing out on your lunch, you are not attending your boyfriend’s call and you are just not having enough sleep. Your work life has started to affect your health miserably. It has even started hindering your personal life. All your weekend is spent worrying about the work that has to be done on Monday. The work pressure is nerve wrecking and you just cannot stop being anxious.

6 Tips to beat work anxiety

Well, good news is that there is nothing much to be worried about because it is normal. Having said that, this does not mean you should not work towards changing things. You must. This issue is called ‘work anxiousness’ or ‘work anxiety’.

Work anxiety is what comes from overload of work and tensions at workplace that disturbs the everyday functioning of an individual. A normal level of stress is okay but if it has started interfering in all other aspects of life, then you must take charge of your situation.

Here are the following things you should do in order to beat work anxiety.




 6 Tips to beat work anxiety

Exercising has great potential in altering your state of mind. It releases endorphins which are called natural painkillers of the body. When you exercise you help your body curb the stress hormones released in the body throughout the day.  It has an insightful outcome in changing your mood. Your muscles are put to use and the physical discomfort also washes away. If exercising after work doesn’t fit your schedule, then you must think of starting the day with exercising. [Read: Practice short and harder exercises to long & slower ones!




People spend approximately 7-8 hours of their day working at their offices or sometimes even more. When they return home, they don’t feel like going out. Staying at home is monotonous and you get lost in your own thoughts and anxiety kicks in. You must keep yourself busy even after work. You should go out and spend time with your friends and family. Creating memories, smiling or laughing, or simply talking to someone can help to a great extent.




Oh yes! This is a very fruitful technique at beating work stress. Find out what interests you and then indulge in it. Try fostering something creative out of it. This will not only make you happy but also let your mind think constructively. Doing something creative involves imagination and when you will cater to imagining new things, you will also enhance your power of visualization.




We all must have heard it or read it somewhere that ‘Fake it until you make it’. A lot of people misunderstand this quote. This does not mean that you need to lead a double standard life, whereas it simply talks about the law of attraction. It means that you should create it in your mind, the things, much before you have it. You must imagine and have concrete faith in owning it. The same applies here, you should fake being okay. Doing so will gradually equip you with a shield and you will stop complaining. You will be able to pick yourself up every single day. You should not be afraid to ask for help if you think this isn’t working for you. [Read: 8 Ways to ignore a creep who is irritating you]


At times, the only way is to change your workplace. The reason you may be going through so much of stress, could be your company’s inadequacy at taking care of its employees. The workplace may not be suitable for you and may be exploiting in nature. In such cases, the best is to look for better opportunities. This will invite new hopes and new experiences which will help your mind stay distracted. This will possibly change your mindset and will help you start things freshly from the start.



Never underestimate the balance of these two. They have life changing impacts and you just cannot ignore them. Today’s work culture involves partying late nights and eating a lot of outside food. If you think the work pressure is unbearable and it is hampering your everyday life, you must quit the after work plans. Withdrawing from it will allow you to get back home early and have enough sleep, at least 6-7hrs whereas the ideal amount is 8. In addition to that, you should not eat too much junk food. Acquire a habit of eating fruits and green leafy vegetables and enough protein as it will help you stay energetic and you will be able to fight stress in the best way possible. [Read: 11 Baby Steps To Start A Plant-Based Diet- The Beginners Guide]


Overcoming work anxiety can be difficult to some people but it is absolutely doable. It is important that you alter your circumstances in your favor, so that the anxiety does not become a disorder. This will lead to unreasonable anxiety spilling all across your life. All it takes is a little bit of will power, courage to change and a fragment of fun to beat the stress.

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