6 True Signs you will have trust issues with the guy you are dating

Initially, sparks may fly when you are just dating or trying to know someone but with time when the clouds clear away you may find few noticeable traits which are hard to accept in the man in whom you are trying to look for the potential to commit to. Trust issues may have long term effects if at all you choose to overlook them for the momentary bliss in the present. Taking things on a level beyond just the dating scene requires a huge leap of faith which of course will be based on some calculations depending on whether or not that person has earned your trust. If you want to avoid all the drama and heartbreak, you will want to analyse and verify things at the start.

6 True Signs you will have trust issues with the guy you are dating

To build a strong foundation for the relationship, you need to be able to weed out misunderstandings that have accumulated or keep your relationship tamper proof by taking all the right steps. If you let go of the red flags now, you will definitely be taken the most advantage of for life. You are in charge of a few decisions in life and choosing the right partner who gives you mental peace is something that’s under your control. While all the signs may not be right there in front of you, you can definitely find the clues in the little things that he does or does not.


Makes excuses all the time


Does this man have a list of excuses ready when he is  supposed to tell you clearly why he was late or why he couldn’t keep his promise of taking you out that day? Does he make last minute changes juts so that he can escape and get you off his shoulders? It is okay to give him space and let him do what he likes but this does not mean that you entertain his lies. That creates major trust issues in the very beginning. Fumbling and  fidgeting while telling you something or refusing to make eye contact is a major sign that he is lying to you.


Isn’t there when you need him the most


Do you find his shoulders when you need have your back and support you through the tough times? How available is he when you are in trouble even at odd hours? If he is just a call away to be there for you, then he is someone you could trust with all your heart. However, if he appears flaky and is only there to have his selfish needs met or when you can benefit him somehow, then he is not someone you could trust yourself with. If he really did consider you worthy enough of his efforts or a priority to be precise, he would have been there for you regardless of everything.


His life is still a secret


Do you know the basics of his personal life at least? Does he need to leave you and answer his phone calls or texts? Do you find the way he talks over the phone a little fishy? If you are trying to look at a next level in the equation that you share, then you should at least be able to be open up about your lives without having to leave each other’s presence to attend to calls. Hiding his phone, locking himself up with his phone for hours and speaking secretively to people you don’t even know are major signs that he is being dishonest with you.


Ghosting you at his convenience


When a man is trying to hide something from you, he will basically try and do everything that is convenient for him. Does he vanish without any notice at odd hours? Is career always an excuse for him to abandon or isolate you? Being ambitious is good. You should be able to support your man. But if there is something about his busy schedule that has recently/always appeared suspicious, then confront him. He will not be able to fool you for long and that’s how even the most professional liars get caught.


You don’t hang out in public often

6 True Signs you will have trust issues with the guy you are dating

Does he take you out in public? Do you spend time in a restaurant or pub or any place where you are likely to meet people you know? Or does he avoid being seen with you? His friends are clueless about you. So, they have actually lost track of the women that he hangs out with and you are just another one in the list. So they couldn’t care less about you.

He flirts with random women


If a man has eyes only for you, he will never really be interested in other women, let alone flirting or ogling. Now he may make excuses and try and convince you that you are mistaken but if you are convinced that there is something that he is hiding from you, he doesn’t deserve your trust.