6 Truths about sex you need to know to keep your partner interested

Sex means very different things for each person. At one point of time or the other, we crave sex. Initially, when we get into a brand new relationship, we can’t help but have sex with each other all the time. With time, we have a number of excuses ready to escape it. This is because sex almost feels like a duty instead of an integral part of a relationship. The perfect relationships have the perfect sexual intimacy. Being naughty and doing things to keep your partner enticed is what keeps your partner interested. Here are a few sex secrets that you just can’t avoid if you want to keep the passion ignited forever.

6 Truths about sex you need to know to keep your partner interested

You can’t deny the importance of physical attraction


No matter how much you try and convince people about the fact that looking good isn’t all the important, you are wrong! Physical attraction plays a huge role in having a great romantic relationship. The better you look, the greater your confidence is. And the greater your confidence, the better your performance. Most of the times, we feel insecure in the bedroom. We wish to have sex in the dark. This is why subconsciously we know that your partner might like it if you looked great. And you constantly keep second guessing if you hit the benchmark.


When others desire you, your man desires you more


Men tend to feel like a winner when they have someone who is desired by others. It just boosts their ego. This keeps him glued to have your attention. This sort of ability to have eye balls move to catch a glimpse of you has a great effect on your partner. When the relationship matures, people tend to make lesser efforts to make their partners feel important. This is because you tend to become all to available for each other. However, when its visible to your partner that members of the opposite sex still dream of having you it makes them feel proud and they give you much better attention.


Sex shouldn’t stay the same

6 Truths about sex you need to know to keep your partner interested

If you keep sex all the same, it will definitely get you bored. Would you really like to have the same thing the same way every day? The same is true for sex as well. So, you need to make every effort to keep things interesting. If you see sex only as a duty, it doesn’t even make your partner feel great because you cannot hide that feeling. So, concentrate on the foreplay, try something new and even indulge in after play. This will surely show your interest in making love to your partner. Also, even if missionary feel just too comfortable and convenient, try exploring other great sex positions as well. You will discover more pleasure points in your body as well as innovative ways to orgasm.


Avoid staying nude most of the time


You need to hide your skin at times. If you are naked before your partner for most of the time, there is nothing left to the imagination. You need to keep something behind the veils so that he gets excited to see you naked when you have sex. Dress up and stay dressed for most part of the time you see him. He will be yearning to see you naked. Also, flaunt your best assets so that he craves to touch and feel them.


Don’t shut your imagination


Having sexual fantasies doesn’t mean you are cheating on your partner. Even when you indulge in mating, it is quite possible that your mind may wander to different places. Trust me you can turn this imagination into something that will get your partner more attracted to you. That is, start talking about your fantasies with each other. Let him know what drives you crazy. Show him how you would love to be touched. Guide his fingers down and help him master his strokes. He will definitely make efforts to realise those fantasies for you. The more he finds you interested, the more he will be aroused to give you the best time.


Love doesn’t mean intense attraction

 6 Truths about sex you need to know to keep your partner interested

Of course you might love your man a lot but that doesn’t necessarily mean that either of you may be physically attracted to each other. This is something that might come as a big surprise. If you wish to have a great relationship, then you need to go beyond plain romance. Sex is vital for a relationship to survive for a very long time. Unless the right efforts are made in that direction, you will never be able to experience true happiness in the relationship. After all, we are naturally inclined to having sex. We can’t do without that. Do you analyse why even the most romantic couples sometimes go astray? It is only because of the lack of sexual intimacy!