6 Types of love you will experience in your lifetime

Some people we say are lucky in love. That is to mean that they have a great experience when it comes to having a partner. They didn’t have to go through too many breakups and have found just the perfect one who they have settled with eventually. However, for some of us love has come in different forms. We can say this safely, whether or not we have settled for the one we have fallen in love with, we have different love experiences in our lifetime. No matter the colour in which we experience love, we always want to feel loved. We wish to feel needed.  Let yourself get exposed to the chances and you will perhaps experience these:

6 Types of love you will experience in your lifetime


A friendly sort of love


In this type you tend to experience a very innocent kind of love. It is free from expectations and bindings. It is perhaps the most simplest form in which we understand the meaning of love. In fact stronger forms of love generate at this stage. This type of love is friendly and doesn’t go anywhere close to sexual intimacy. This is the kind that we share with our family and a few friends. We are attached but it’s more of a need based attachment rather than want. Even something as crude as just missing a dear friend or a family member belongs to this sort of love. It is free from aggression and demands and hence, any type of love that you experience begins with this.


The teenage crush


Let not the title mislead you. This sort of love is not just confined to teenagers, but we tend to have crushes in adulthood as well. Crushes get etched to our memories. This is the type of love that gives us sleepless nights, that makes us go nervous and dizzy at the thought of the person we have fallen for. You might almost mistaken it for true love when you begin to have a crush on someone. there is a very thin line there and it is almost always possible to get trapped. You might want to just confess your feelings or just let that bury. Your feelings might be pretty intense to the point of obsession but you would still choose to remain silent about it for the thought that your feelings may not be respected.


Love that stays unreciprocated


This is the one sided type of love that I am talking about. Here you are the only person harbouring all these feelings without the other person paying heed to them. It could turn out to be very painful and can come crushing in on your ego. It might drive you insane leaving you feel unworthy. This may even be because of the fact that the person isn’t really interested in you or that you have been the sole giver in the relationship and have been used. There will be no happiness attached here for you will never get what you are seeking.


Love with a sexual character


This sort of love is far from innocence. You can almost dub it as wicked. This person drives you nuts. You just want to sleep with him. You fantasize about him and touch yourself in places where you would want him to. Having imagined him naked and all you want is you satisfy you. You are ready for him every single time you meet. The sexual attraction meter is extremely high. The moment you have each other in a room you can’t keep your hands off.


Love that knows no bounds

6 Types of love you will experience in your lifetime

This sort of love tends to be very pure. It is unconditional. Your life revolves around each other. It is great luck if you have experienced this ever. This person you love means more than anything or anyone else. You can’t imagine anything beyond this person. This is the type of love that movies and story books tell you about. This is the kind that everybody hopes to experience. Both of you share mutual respect, understanding and care. People search their whole lives finding the person who would help them experience this sort of unconditional love.


The one that is more of admiration

Ever liked a person so much that you aspire to be like him? Ever been in awe of the personality that person has? You are so full of respect that you can’t help but gush over such a persona. This is far from any sort of sexual attraction. This is the kind you can have for a teacher, a celeb, an old person or any eminent person. Such people being around you just gives you happiness. Just purely good vibes and more beyond that.