6 Unmistakable Signs this man wants to be with you

Dating a random guy is easy but when you really start to have these deep feelings for him it can be really scary is you don’t feel the same things from his end. You really don’t want to keep second guessing about what it is that could happen or would happen in a case where your emotional attachment is involved. Some of us tend to get all too serious a bit too soon only to realise that we made dramatic decisions in haste. Being overly involved with someone only to realise that the feelings aren’t reciprocated back with the same zeal is heart breaking.

6 Unmistakable Signs this man wants to be with you

But liking someone who likes you back with possibly even more passion is something that feels so good. Even when some men are not too vocal about everything, they will still give out a few signs that are indicative of a strong interest in you. Here are a few things that this guy will definitely do when he wants to be with you.


He will be honest with you


When a man really likes you he will tell you everything about himself, at least those things that you should know about him. When a man wants to make you a part of his life, he will make sure that you are aware of his likes and dislikes as well as the opinions and values that you hold. If he is secretive and makes you feel confused about what he does or does not, then he is definitely not sure about you and therefore wants to stay low key.

He looks for a deeper bond

6 Unmistakable Signs this man wants to be with you

When a man likes you enough to be with you, he will always be patient with you. He wants to know your fears and your secrets too. He wants to make you feel special by being exclusively available with you. Not just does he listen to you but also takes care of being open to your suggestions. He works on what you share with him and remembers the littlest details of everything. When someone is genuinely interested in you, they take the initiative to ask you questions or probe further just so that things are clear.


He clarifies your position in his life


When a man truly wants to be with you, he will make things exclusive. He won’t be beating around the bush to keep you second guessing about what you mean to him. He will make his feelings clear so that you know what is the status that you enjoy in his life and whether you are a priority to him. A non clarified position in a person’s life can make you feel disgusted and you may start questioning your worth when a man who you like doesn’t give you stronger signals about his exclusivity with you. Not just do you miss out on better prospects because you stop seeing other people in the hope that things will eventually work out but also lose your sanity.


He doesn’t make excuses


When a man wants to be with you, he will always respect your time. If he commits to calling you at a particular time, he will stick to that commitment and even if he cannot make it then for an unavoidable circumstance, he will let you know. Such a man is responsible with you and won’t keep you hanging and looking for a response back. He will only make promises that he can keep. This is because he understands and values your schedule and lets you have your own space.


He has his future planned with you

6 Unmistakable Signs this man wants to be with you

When a man wants to be with you, he will make sure that his finances are in place and he can take care of your well being. Not like you are dependent on him but also because any woman will like his man to be settled. That just gives you sense of security and the fact that both of you can contribute to each other’s well being. Do you honestly want to be with someone who is broke for most part of the year and depends on you for every little need of his? So if a man isn’t really serious about his own life, consider that he isn’t even serious about you.


He introduced you to his friends and family


He friends know you and you are almost a part of the gang. His family has met you and they are aware of the fact that your man is serious about you. You have become a part of their family talks and they take care of you just like they would of any of their family members. When a man wants to be with you, he will make sure that you know the people who are the most important in his life.

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