6 Ways to create strong and lasting friendships!

It is never easy to have great friends in life. Friends who will stand by you are difficult to find. When you do find them you want to do everything to make them stay. However, like any other relationship this too requires work. Lasting friendships don’t happen without efforts. It’s like demanding without doing anything in return. If you want to have good friends, you have to work on being one first. Here are a few ways you could work on your friendships to make it last forever:

6 Ways to create strong and lasting friendships!

Honesty is the best policy:


Yeah, you may have heard it a thousand times. But let me repeat it for another time. You cannot belittle the importance of being extremely honest with your friends. The more honest you are the stronger your friendship will be, for you will have better faith in each others’ decisions. You will count on each other more. Even if you have the worst things to say, you should learn how to wrap it in a different way and present it to your friends just so that you are sensitive towards their sentiments.


Be open to their conversations


Don’t close yourself. Open yourself up so that you friend can be open as well. Lend your ears when they need to talk about something that’s bothering them. Do you know why friendships don’t last? That’s because people don’t listen to each other. Listening will help you communicate well. Listen to your friend no matter what the topic is all about. If it’s sad, listen. If it’s hurtful, still listen. If it’s a happy thing, you should definitely listen. Keep the communication channel always open. This will prevent build-up of misunderstandings. Show them that their worries matter to you. It never harms to lend your ears to your friends.


Stand by your promises


people often forget the importance of keeping their words. When you promise, make sure you are in a position to keep that not just now but in the future as well. Being deceptive will only show your shallowness which will never cement your bond with your friend. When you show that you can be dependent on, your friends will count on you. People who keep their promises are rare. Everyone knows their importance. And when you can prove that you can be dependable, your friends will never be able to let go of you.


Learn how to avoid a conflict

6 Ways to create strong and lasting friendships!

It is not necessary to react on every little thing. There will be ups and downs even in friendships. You should learn which to avoid. Picking up fights on every little issue will only loosen your ground. Nobody wants to be friends with naggers. Nor do they want to be in the company of those who fight all the time. If you constantly add stress to the lives of your friends, they will make it a point to avoid you at all costs. It is always better to understand when you should stand up for yourself. Safeguard that chance for the time when your respect is at stake.


Don’t expect too much


It is but obvious for humans to expect. When we love our friends, we want them to love us equally. But you can only guarantee your stand and not that of your friends. If you start expecting too much, if you expect that they will always reciprocate and do things the way you expected, you are only heading towards massive disappointment. In fact you might just vent your anger at an unexpected situation which will lead to a breakup of your friendship. So, keep your expectations to the bare minimum and commit to your friendship selflessly. This is how lasting friendships are made.


Be supportive at all times

 6 Ways to create strong and lasting friendships!

Friends are meant to support each other at all times. They are not seasonal but all- weather. You have to be there for them whenever they need you. Don’t abandon them when they might have counted on you. Try and help them in whatever way possible. If you choose to get out of a situation, make sure you have the right reasons instead of coming up with a lame excuse which will be evident of your escapism. Lasting friendships that stand the test of time are built this way. It’s always a two-way process. Consider that you are a team. If one has shortcomings, cover that up with your strengths. Have each other’s back at all times. You might need to bail your friend out at times even when you don’t agree with them. Deal with the situation like a friend and then try and constructively point out their faults in private. Your friends respect should mean your respect. Commit to this and you will have built a solid foundation for your friendship in no time.


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