6 Ways to enhance your sex appeal!

Everybody wants to feel sexy. It is something that most of us desire but very few manage to learn or acquire it. Some of the best kept secrets of a great sex life is how to increase your sex appeal. The more you feel sexually confident, the better your relationships turn out to be. Not just doesn’t it give you an internal confidence, but also makes you more desirable for other people which enhances your happiness. If you wish to have people’s attention instantly, you need to learn how to feel and appear sexy.

6 Ways to enhance your sex appeal!

People with a great sex appeal can instantly have people desire them. It is not always the physical structure that boosts one’s sex appeal but other variables contribute to that as well. With a little understanding of what you need to do in the right direction, it will be very easy to grab eye balls almost anywhere you go. Here are a few things you need to know about having a great sex appeal without much effort:


Work on your nervousness      


It is never too appealing to be around people who lack confidence. If you are struggling to convince yourself, it is hard for people to be attracted to all that you do and say. In fact, people will tend to have negative vibes around your because your lack of self confidence and will choose to avoid you at all costs. Hold your emotions. Don’t let them overflow everywhere. Not everyone can handle that. Keep your cool. If you struggle communicating, relax. Take your time. This way you will not freak the other person you are out on a date with.


Work on your posture


Some people find it immensely difficult to manage their body. They seem to fall here are there and almost have a slouched posture when they meet people. This can terribly repel the one that you are trying to impress. You need to appear very much in control of all your postures to have a great sex appeal. Men they way you walk, you talk, you see and also how you sit. The more graceful you look the more the opposite sex want to catch a glimpse. Try and be a swan in between crows! *Wink*


Control your pitch


Do you enjoy noise when all you want is some calmness around? Men don’t really enjoy it when you sound like an animal. This is not to say that you need to go for a transplant. What I mean here is, control the pitch. Don’t sound like you are here to blow the rooftop. Work on controlling your pitch. It’s doable.  Men like deep husky voices. That sounds very sexy. Sometimes, a good voice is a great turn on. It almost instantly lifts the mood on a bad day. Even if your content isn’t too interesting, with a great voice you can surely enhance your sex appeal.


Attract him with your gaze


People generally tend to overlook the importance of eye contact. Some people find it difficult to look directly in the eyes and speak. Sometimes, it makes them feel vulnerable. If you like someone and want to have his attention, you need to gaze at him deep. Eyes can reflect what you feel. It might of course feel a little uncomfortable for both of you but if you can master the art of eye contact, you will have him instantly aroused.


Smell good

6 Ways to enhance your sex appeal!

You can never undermine the power of a great perfume. How you smell has an instant effect on those around you. You need to take time in choosing what suits you best for what’s great on someone may not really work for you.  You can make a man go wild just by the way you smell. Some people can remember how you smelt for years and can instantly be reminded of you when they smell that fragrance again.


Work on your skin


A healthy body reflect on the face. Not just does a great body makes you attractive but also great skin. eat fresh and drink at least 2 litres of water every day. A glowing skin can turn eye balls. Look for experts who can point out what looks good on you. Groom yourself wherever you are lagging behind. When you look good, you will feel good as well. This will compound your sex appeal because of the great confidence that you will start feeling. Recall the images of those who you know have a great sex appeal, you will understand what I am saying.


People with great sex appeal are those who work hard for that body and stay stringent in their daily routine. Just like a great career demands more attention, having a great sex appeal also needs you to give up on being a lazy bum.

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