6 Ways to get over your insecurity in the relationship

Falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world. However, love is complex. Most of the times, people end of getting hurt. The problem at times lies with the way our love for our partner is reciprocated. If not in the way we expect, we only get insecure about our status. It is very difficult to deal with our insecurities in the relationship. We tend to feel the way we are made to feel. Insecurity can get the best of you!

6 Ways to get over your insecurity in the relationship

The degree of confusion that has been caused in the relationship can take a toll on you, so much so that you end up being more stressed out and hurt than even something as harsh as a complete breakup. Insecurity can make you feel devastated because of the series of troubles that are associated with it. Here are a few ways in which you could get out of that trap of insecurity and make your relationship better:


Open up about what’s bothering you


This is the best way to make your issue get noticed. Before that you need to analyse why you feel insecure. What is that particular behaviour of your partner that keeps confused about your status in the relationship? Just let your partner know that a particular activity of his is making you question his love for you. Don’t end up fighting and hurling abuses, this will worsen the matter. If he is willing to lend his ears to the issue, then be calm and address it smartly. Be careful about what solution you expect as he is sure to ask you about what possible solution you are seeking. Make sure it’s reasonable enough.

Don’t let him have the centre stage of your world.


It is always wise to keep your expectations low. A relationship need to take all your time and energy. Balance between your love life and other areas of priority. If you make him the controller of your life, you will pick flaws, you will get overly observant. This might drive you to the point of being crazy. So, instead of starting to concoct things that may not even exist, it is wise that you have other things to take care of. Work hard for yourself not for the relationship solely. Keep yourself busy with hobbies and work and making yourself better by addressing your workable flaws. You will find a drastic change in the quality of your relationship.


Have faith in the person you love

6 Ways to get over your insecurity in the relationship

There is no legal backing in a relationship. It’s only trust. Faith in your partner is the only foundation in which you decide to build the rest of the building of love. If that crumbles, love ceases to exist in empirical reality. You clearly love and he does too which is why you chose to be with him in the first place. Remind yourself of his positives rather than looking for sneaky ways to point out his flaws. If you still feel that he gives you no reason to trust him, then go ahead make your decision. Unless you do, you should just let the doubt erase and continue doing things to solidify the foundation.


Be positive all the time


I can never stress on the importance of having a positive attitude enough. No matter what you do, unless you are positive, you will end up making a mess of your relationships every single time. Stop obsessing about his whereabouts. Stop thinking about what if’s. You can’t be selfish about your needs all the time and expect a lot in return. See things from his point of view. You might find the problems easily.


Cultivate a feel-good factor


Sometimes, insecurities are not a result of how you are made to feel but how you feel about yourself. Do you like your reflection in the mirror? Do you wish you could change something? Does it feel like changing things will improve your confidence and curb your insecurities to a large extent? Work out, get that hot body, steal a few glances from random men; you will get an instant surge of confidence when all eyes are following you. There is no dearth of ways in which you could make your conditions better. All you need is a little discipline and the willingness to embrace that change.


Spend more time with your family


None can replace the unconditional love that your family is every ready to shower on you. If you have somehow lost touch, get back. Contact them. Spend more time with them. They will surely help you know yourself better. Ask for help from your parents. Tell them about why you feel the way you feel. Let them point out your flaws as well as strengths. They will do it without biases. At this point they will be your best support. So, analyse and work methodically on your shortcomings. You will soon evolve better and banish your insecurity.