6 Ways Having Sex Makes You Smarter

It is no doubt that sex brings about a myriad of benefits. Among these is the fact that sex does help improve your brain power and make you smarter. This can be traced back to the same chemicals and hormones that turn you on during sex. These hormones do have an impact on other brain processes and help improve problem-solving skills. The following are six solid reasons why sex makes you smarter.

  1. Grows more brain cells

By having regular sex, you will be increasing the chances of growing more neurons in the brain. It does generate more brain cells in the hippocampus region of your brain. This is the region known to help retain information.

  1. Protects you from chronic stress

It is no doubt that stress does affect your brain negatively. It usually leads to loss of concentration and eventually makes one indecisive. Fortunately, sex has been found to be the perfect antidote for stress. It does protect your brain from negative emotions. During sex your brain produces hormones that lower corticosterone levels.

  1. Boosts your memory

Do you sometimes find yourself forgetting even the most obvious of situations? Well, it may be high time you had sex more frequently. In a recent study, scientists made a comparison about the learning memory of a mouse and noted that those that had sex more often did have a sharper memory. As you age, you memory tend to fade but with frequent sex, this can be greatly improved.

  1. Enhances analytic skills

Most couples tend t think that the best sex that will help the brain is the romantic kind that comes complete with soft jazz and champagne. On the contrary, the opposite is true. Research shows that the act of mindless sex does help promote more concrete thinking and better analytical approach compared to the impact of romance on the brain. During a sexual encounter, peoples tend to focus more on the present concrete details and this does help improve their analytical thinking.

  1. Makes you more open

During a sexual encounter, your brain produces oxytocin, a feel good hormone that is responsible for making your more open, sociable and outgoing. If at any point you feel disturbed or stressed, then oxytocin through great sex will help raise your spirits and help you social even more. Oxytocin, has also been known to help make one less sensitive to feelings of social rejection.

  1. Sex makes you sharper

You may have come across the narrative that puzzles are the best ways to help keep your brain sharper. As much as this may be true to a certain extent, scientists have also discovered that great sex does help maintain your cognitive health. The research showed that during an orgasm, the whole brain gets activated and this keeps the subject alerts and fully aware of their surroundings.

Sex ought not to be just a chore that should be done. It needs to be exciting for both partners. This can be enhanced by using simple bedroom toys like the cock vibrator that helps them achieve powerful orgasms.



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