6 Ways to live in the moment and enjoy yourself!

Life isn’t about just hurrying and trying to finish what you have to get to the end. It is about enjoying that comes across your way. One day at a time. This is why you should live in the moment just so that you can savour your experiences and make the most of the opportunities in your hand. We are chasing happiness forever. But what does it actually mean to be happy?


There is not set definition of happiness for you to decipher. If you start chasing it mindlessly, you will only lose your mind in the process. Nobody is happy all the times. So, trying to be so is a waste of your time. Accept the ups and downs that you go through. This will make it easier for you to deal with everything that’s thrown your way. Here are a few ways in which you could start living in the moment.


Learn to ignore:


Avoid holding on to things that pull you back to the past. There is no point keeping resentments about past incidents. Just let go. Ignore those who bring negative vibes in your life. If you have done something wrong in the past, just learn the lesson and let go of the grudges about what you did and what you could do instead. The past is gone. It will never come back. Constantly reminding yourself of what’s beyond your control will only hurt you. This is the number one reason that is stopping you from living fully in the moment.


Don’t be afraid of what’s coming your way:

 6 Ways to live in the moment and enjoy yourself!

There is no point thinking about something that you haven’t experienced yet. What good will it do to fear the unknown? Being afraid only kills your positive emotions. It won’t let you love, care, stay motivated, and achieve your fullest potential.


Instead of holding yourself from trying something new. set out and immerse yourself in the adventure. You will reinvent yourself. Do what you always want to do. You wouldn’t really love to regret in the future when the lost time wouldn’t come back for you to learn something new. If you fail, it’s okay. You can try again.


Be positive


Always have a positive state of mind. What you think, become things. If you have a positive mentality you will only attract positive. Negative thoughts only confine you to a make believe world. It doesn’t let you enjoy the moment you are in. When you learn to banish your negative thoughts, you attract positivity in abundance. Do you know what separates a happy face from someone who sulks all the time? It is thoughts. You can control and manipulate your thinking.  Therefore, work on being positive while living in the moment.



Act like this is your last day


Once you let your mind think like this is the last day on earth, you will feel very motivated to do whatever it is you can to make the most of your potential. Would you hurt someone if this was your last day? Would you stay in the bed if this was your last day? Would you spend your day trying to control the inevitable if this was your last day? Of course not! When you remind yourself to consider this day your last, then you will live in the moment. You will make sure that you leave with contentment.



Stop expecting too much

6 Ways to live in the moment and enjoy yourself!

Expecting is our biggest source of disappointment. You need to understand that people won’t act the way you want them to. Some won’t intentionally, and some wouldn’t ever be in a position to gauge your expectations. Don’t expect anything from life or from people specifically. Expecting stops you from thinking what can be done with the day in hand because it will involve you in a series of what if’s and what not’s. Just let it go. Only you can fulfil your wishes. Nobody will ever be in a position to remotely do what you want unless you nag and force it on them. So, save yourself all the pain and trouble and live in the moment with have you have been blessed with.


Be grateful for what you have


There are many who don’t have half the gifts that you do. Being grateful will help you attract abundance in life. Being grateful will make you appreciate what you have rather than die thinking about what is to come. When you are grateful, you let go of your fears and stay contended. When you constantly complain about what you don’t have, you attract unwanted thoughts that kill you inside. To live in the present, train yourself to express gratitude about whatever you have. You will find new happiness when you start doing so. Happiness is in the little things that life has bestowed upon you. So experience those instead of trying to leapfrog into the future.