6 Ways to love your single relationship status!

Are you disappointed with your single relationship status? Cheer up because with these tips that I am going to share with you, singlehood will never upset you. Being independent and in control of yourself is the best thing that can happen to you. Being single lets you stay free and energetic for you can channel the latter to productive use.

You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, that is , everything at your free will without having to consult your partner or ask for permissions before heading ahead with something that you feel like. Here are few ways in which you could appreciate your single relationship status because there isn’t anything better than being your own master:


Make the fullest use of your time:


Time is the most expensive thing available with a person. The better you utilize it, the better your rewards are. If you could use your time judiciously into learning new stuff, you could become a better person actually. You could work on your shortcomings and make them your strengths in the process. Socialise, have fun, learn and take better care of yourself. If you keep yourself busy, you will soon realise that you have no time to waste on unstable relationships.


Improve your flaws


All of us have our own set of flaws. We all want to change them miraculously without much effort. However, that will always remain and dream for you will have to work on them. Sometimes a relationship is too exhaustive. It doesn’t allow much time to spare for oneself. So, now when you are single and have no additional burdens of a relationship status to take care of, you should focus on your self-improvement. this will help you get better opportunities and also do things that you never thought you could. This will boost your self- confidence in no time.


Make a list


Now that you have time, write down everything that you want in life. Write down your strengths and weaknesses. Visualise your dreams and also pinpoint your flaws and reasons which you feel didn’t make your relationship successful. It is important to have all your answers written down so that you could remind yourself and make yourself even better than what you were in the past.


When you know what went wrong in the previous relationships, you can appreciate the positives and work on avoiding any repetitions in the future. This will help you make better choices. When you know your strengths, you can align those while choosing future relationships.



Get outside your Comfort Zone:

6 Ways to love your single relationship status!

Comfort zone is the worst possible place to be in. It only limits your potential and distances you from future opportunities. Get out of your comfort zone and surround yourself with newer people. Work on relationships that have been spoilt before. Get closer to your friends and family. You will get the necessary love and support from them for they are your most genuine well-wishers. Sometimes looking for love in friends and family is more rewarding than just a relationship status for the sake of it.


They will also be happier to have you as well. This way it’s a “win-win” situation for both the parties. Being with those who have always been there for you will help you show your gratitude to those in ways which you may not understand unless you actually do it.



Do things you never could


Do you have a long list of aspirations that were never fulfilled because your partner manipulated your time? Go ahead and do all of them. Don’t live with regrets. Look after your physical self. Hit a gym or a salon. Go for a makeover. Try wearing those clothes that you ditched long back just because your partner didn’t approve of them. Go on casual dates if you having been craving to go on one. This will kill all the boredom that is usually associated with being all by yourself. Newer experiences will enrich your life and make you get more out of it.



Remind yourself your true worth

 6 Ways to love your single relationship status!

Sometimes we get so used to analysing ourselves from someone else’s lens that we forget our worth. It is imperative you that constantly remind yourself that you are enough, that you are worthy of the best in the world. Work on improving your current state. Be it your financial status, or your physical or emotional wellbeing. This will help you analyse who are actually worthy of the person you are. Being single is actually a boon to realise your importance and how much you mean to so many who have been there and supported you through thick and thin. There is absolutely no need to hurry and settle for someone who is not worth your time. In haste, you make wrong choices and end up carrying the wrong relationship status. Be fair to the person you will meet in the future. Only when you are ready get into a relationship. This will save both of you much valuable time.