6 Ways to show that you care without suffocating him

Relationships can be very exciting. You might wish to spend days and nights with your partner and loose all sense of time. Does your partner often complain that you are overly attached but you only want to show him how much you care? Everyone likes to feel care but the moment it starts to intrude in their personal space, it becomes a problem in the relationship. You might be in a fix as to how should you maintain a fine balance so that you don’t get termed as clingy but can still maintain your love and care for your partner. All of us different in the way we show our love to our partners. However little or small, you might want to ensure that you don’t come across as being over bearing. Here are a few ways in which you could care about your partner, still maintaining your balance and doing what you love for him:

6 Ways to show that you care about him without suffocating him

Be open to what they have to say


At times, it so happens that we lend deaf ears to our partner. They might be telling us something that has deeply bothered them in the recent past or real issues that worry them about the present or future. The best way to show your partner that you are there with them is to be attentive to what they have to say. Look into their eyes and show them that you equally participating in what they have to tell you. If you are asked for help, make sure you can offer that and even if you cannot have something encouraging to say. An engaging conversation is one in which you are equally involved.


Remember important occasions


Anything important date that commemorates special events in your partner’s life should be your priority. It shows that you do care about whatever information they share with you about themselves.  These may be anything from their birthdays, to your first meet, the first time you kissed or may be had sex! These details may be a little intimidating for men as they generally tend to forget dates, but guys, I know people who remember their partner’s period dates! It is not that great a trouble if you really wish to show that you care.


Leave them alone when they ask


At times, people want to have time exclusively for themselves. This is not a crime, in fact spending time alone can help a person to align with things that are happening around them. If your partner asks you for some space, be more than willing to let them stay on their own. It does not mean that your partner doesn’t love you or doesn’t crave your company. They might just be stressed and wish to fight it out themselves. It will only show them how much you trust their independence and respect their decisions.


Help them in daily chores


Sometimes, working on a strict schedule can be very strenuous. Your partner might be looking for some respite. In such a situation whether or not they ask you for help, you should be there to rescue them. It will only show your care and how much you respect equality in a relationship. No one should be made to bear the responsibilities in a relationship alone. When you are willing to share the load you have no idea how cared for your partner will feel.


Touch them often

Your touch can communicate your emotions for the person at a particular moment. You should make it a point to hug, kiss or may be just hold their hands. You don’t necessarily have to have sex to feel closer to your partner. The simplest of touch are said to have a magical effect on your partner. Lack of touch is a great factor in killing relationships. So, touch them more often or try creating these chances to touch your partner. You will find a remarkable change in the way your partner responds to you.


Apologise and forgive


If you make mistakes learn to accept that and ask for forgiveness. There is no shame in doing so. Also, if your partner makes mistakes, then forgive them. Be the bigger person in the relationship. None of you are perfect. So, when you apologise and learn to forgive, you only portray your large heart. Your partner feels your care and support. By doing this, you show that the relationship matters to you much more than individual mistakes and you are willing to keep your ego aside when it comes to solving your troubles.  Avoid being a hypocrite by expecting forgiveness while you demonise the smallest mistakes of your partner. You should be willing to let go of the little tiffs and make it a point to enjot the beautiful moments more.