6 Ways to stop thinking about him for your own good

Being with someone is an amazing feeling. Those memories can never ever fade even if the intensity of feelings can decreases over time. But you never forget. Call it the beauty or the curse of being so much in love. When you fell in love you must have never thought that this relationship would end someday. Those memories etched in your head will make it difficult for you to just let the thoughts escape your mind. You will never forget, but for the sake of maintaining your sanity and moving ahead without carrying the emotional baggage, you will have to let go. It is extremely heavy on your heart now to just drop all thoughts but if you can manage thinking about the bigger picture of your life, it may be easier to follow the few ideas mentioned below.

6 Ways to stop thinking about him for your own good

Stop trying to find the reasons


Sometimes, it is just not feasible to get all your answers. Just let go of certain explanations and think of something else that doesn’t cause you to over think. If you find your mind drifting towards memories that you shared with him, immediately think of something else. Focus on the things that give you happiness. There is never a point in letting your thoughts get stagnant at a point that leave you no room for peace. It will take some time before you can finally do this better and control your thoughts but you will get there soon. You don’t need an answer for everything. So, take things as they come and avoid dissecting why something happened the way it did.


Don’t be in touch


At times, it will be tempting to get back to him for an explanation. No matter how irresistible that may seem, if you need to stop thinking about him forever, you will have to cut off all contacts so that those memories don’t haunt you repeatedly. If he calls you or drops texts at his convenience, you should just say a big No to entertaining him. If you get back again and try and be nice to him, you will lose out on your integrity and self respect. Don’t give him what he wants now when all he did was leave you.


The clean up act


When both of you were together, he must have given you things and vice versa. Often things have greater stories attached to them. It is just not about the material pleasure derived out of it but also the moments that you shared. This also include the photos together. Deleting pictures is too difficult. Even if I get that, I would still urge you to either hide it in a separate folder which you don’t always see or just gather some courage and let it go forever.


Stop stalking him

6 Ways to stop thinking about him for your own good

If you have had a liking for someone or loved him, you will want to know what’s happening in his life even after years of separating from each other. If you are lucky he might actually be having a hard time without you but it might so happen that he is having a gala time. So, this means that stalking might actually make you feel miserable. Just give hi that closure and move ahead with your life and focus on how to have a blast with yourself so that he feels and understands what he missed out on.


Spend some me time alone


Being with someone can make you forget about things especially those that you should be indulging in regardless of whether someone stays with you or not. This is important for your mental health which will translate into your physical prosperity. If shopping makes you feel good, do it. Don’t let your unhappiness stop you. Retail therapy works great on people. Do what gives you enough peace because that’s what you need when you are trying to focus on yourself more than someone else. If you feel like you need to change your appearance, then work on it.


Meet people

6 Ways to stop thinking about him for your own good

The best possible way to get over someone is to meet new people and this includes the ones who you didn’t care to stay in touch with after you went into a relationship or just started seeing this guy. It is only your friends and family who truly care about your well being. They are your best secret keepers and you can always count on them when no one else is available. Meet new dates and make sure you are honest about things with them and can take things casually for the time being. You never know you may actually find someone who is worth the time you invest in him. Sometimes, you got to stop thinking about what if’s and focus on what is.

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