6 Ways to survive pregnancy with comfort!

Pregnancy is an absolutely unique experience with sometimes weird and sometimes embarrassing side effects. Getting things right during your pregnancy is the juggle every woman goes through. Women have innumerable questions when their baby is on board on what should their deeds be. The way you handle your pregnancy will decide whether you embark on a tough or easier journey. Here are some pregnancy hacks that you must read to survive pregnancy with ease and comfort.



Stock some packets of Cereals

6 Ways to survive pregnancy with comfort!

You remember Cheerios? The super tasty American brand that consisted of oats cereals in the shape of a torus. They can be a savior during the first few months of pregnancy as morning sickness is a common phenomenon during pregnancy and waking up with nausea shouldn’t be a surprise. The intensity of nausea differs from woman to woman and the nausea bell can ring anytime of the day. For some it may last for the whole day and for some it may rest after a  couple of hours. Just because nausea and vomiting is general doesn’t mean that it is not a challenge. This everyday challenge can be combat with this nice idea of prepping yourself with some healthy tasty snack. Since the little secret is out there in open now, go grab these cereals and stock it in your kitchen so that you can munch it every morning when you wake up with that irritating feeling of vomiting. In India, finding Cheerios in the market could be difficult. Alternatively, opt for similar products that are rich in whole grains and fiber.



Maternity Pillows

I don’t know if you are aware about this one, but these pillow are also popularly known as body pillows. They are exclusively designed for pregnancy and are also sometimes called pregnancy pillows. Without any further adieu, just simply buy this pillow as it will help you during many of those sleepless nights. Don’t put yourself to test when you encounter those disturbed and restless nights. These pillows can be easily found on online shopping sites. So please, buy yourself a maternity pillow.


Take proper rest

6 Ways to survive pregnancy with comfort!

A new life is growing inside you and needless to say you need proper rest and care. For that tiny human to grow inside you, you need to have ample amount of sleep as it can be absolutely tiresome for your body to function for two people at the same time. Take naps after intervals and don’t keep yourself awake by making night plans. Schedule your activities smartly and try getting into the bed early. If you have had bad sleeping habits before pregnancy, then it is going to be a hard time for you. Though, you can alter your habits and bring changes in your lifestyle. Nausea, leg cramps and snoring are common factors that lead to sleep disturbances. You should cut down on your caffeine intake, have light meal at dinner, listen to some soothing songs before you hit your bed.


Prenatal Massages

Prenatal means before birth. You will be amazed to know that there are certified and licensed professionals who perform prenatal massages. These massages work wonders for you as they help you get rid of the terrible back pain which you foster as the baby tends to grow inside the womb and the muscle aches. All you need to do is bear a certain cost and get the massage and promisingly, you will feel relieved and fresh. Thanks to the internet, now you can get these massages at home or ask your husband to accompany to a massage place. These massage therapies have been around for centuries now and those who do not extract its benefits, surely regret later. They extensively help in maintaining overall health, reducing stress and tensions and mitigate muscles from staying pressurized. Anxiety and depression can strike in during pregnancy and hence, it is advisable to hire a massage therapist who can be at your service whenever you need. There are places where they also teach you these massages but better would be to hire someone.


Keep yourself hydrated

6 Ways to survive pregnancy with comfort!

Drinking enough water during pregnancy is important. Dehydration during pregnancy can land you in the middle of complicated situations wherein your body doesn’t do good for you. You have to treat your body right for your body to treat you right. Dehydration can cause headaches, nausea, cramps and dizziness. Not consuming enough fluids will lead to trouble especially during the third trimester by causing preterm labor due to contractions. You can check the color of your urine to find out whether you are consuming enough water content or not. If your urine is pale, then there is nothing to worry about but if your urine is dark then you need to concentrate on your hydration.  Staying hydrated during the months of pregnancy will greatly help you in curbing acidity, heartburn and morning sickness. If this isn’t enough motivation to stay hydrated, then buy some fancy cups as it might work!



Go shopping

6 Ways to survive pregnancy with comfort!

Don’t underestimate the power of cute maternity clothes as they can render immense positivity during those months. There is no harm in investing in some cute maternity outfits. There are large range of such clothing in the market. There is no denial that you are going to have a smile on your face when you see that your belly actually bears a resemblance to a hot-air balloon. This is also considered as retail therapy and several studies have proven that shopping actually helps you become a happier mom. You can also start shopping for your baby as babies have such innovative and adorable range of clothing which will help you strengthen your belief in your future and  might give you a fabulous feeling of becoming a mother.


Beware of false information

During the pregnancy months, a lot of uncles and aunts are going to pay visit and feed you with bunch of information. They may have their take that is derived from their experiential realties of pregnancy. You need to know that bodies are different and hence, you cannot believe or psych yourself for every piece of information that is being delivered to you. In such situation, a reliable source of information is only your doctor who can give you professional and expert inputs. Also, since the advent of internet, pregnancy time has transformed couples into researchers wherein they fail to understand that information provided to you on the internet is not always subjected to be credible and authentic.

Pregnancy time is a purely glorious time in a woman’s life.  Though, it has its own share of hurdles but undeniably it is one of the best feelings in the world. The fact that you are on a journey to create a brand new life is beyond just beautiful. Every month in fact every day of pregnancy should be nothing less than a celebration. After all, it is the time of your life when you are embracing your feminine shade and partying with womanhood.


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