6 Ways to survive a recent heartbreak

Breakups are hard to deal with. Especially when the love was very real and you had woven dreams together. Unless you go through the pain of a heartbreak, you don’t know what it feels like. It robs us of our sanity which leads to loss of stability when the crisis strikes. While it is okay and obvious for you to feel unhappy and reject the company of other people for the time being, if it continues for a prolonged period of time, it might take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Learning to get out of this and leading a life of happiness and fulfilment again. Here are a few things that you should try doing if you have a broken heart and you wish to mend that as soon as possible.

6 Ways to survive a recent heartbreak

Cry if you have to


Sadness can take over your emotions when you have a broken heart. The thought of letting go of those memories and the fact that you will never have them back is something that a few can become accepting of. It is normal to cry and let those emotions flow out. Crying can be peaceful at times. This will relieve you of the baggage that you have been carrying with yourself and allow your mind to start thinking about the way ahead. Pent up anger can be damaging not just in the present but also cloud your judgements in the long run.


Stop blaming yourself


What’s not there, is not there. Accept it and move on as soon as you can. There is no point pondering over what could be done differently. Sometimes, even when we do everything to keep the relationship going and put every effort to set things right, it turn out to be just the opposite of what we expect. Don’t kill yourself about the reason of the breakup because it didn’t just happen because of you but the other person is equally responsible for the fate of the relationship.


Seek help from your close ones

6 Ways to survive a recent heartbreak

At this point of time when the separation is so fresh in your mind, all you can do to get out this quickly is to talk to someone who you trust. The people you confide in the most will be in the best position to help you out because they know you in and out. They know how you function and they will help you sail through this time which is painful. After all they are the only people who won’t leave your side even in the worst circumstances and you can confide in them blindly. Let them know what’s happening with you and you never know they may tell you exactly what you need to hear to heal right now.


Have some fun


All this time you may have confined yourself to seeking happiness in his company alone. In the process you may have isolated yourself from other fun experiences. This is the time when you hit the best clubs in town or do anything that you have always wanted to. When you enjoy these experiences, your mind automatically drifts away from the pain of the heartbreak. All this time you have killed yourself over the pain and frustration following the heartbreak. Your body and mind should be your primary concern and do something that feeds your soul now. You just need to relax.


Stop keeping a check on him

6 Ways to survive a recent heartbreak

You are responsible for what you do and say. It isn’t your responsibility to keep and check on him or be there at his beck and call 24/7. Now that you are no longer together you should just have a life of your own and let him have his. While you might be desperately waiting for a call or text from him back, this is only make you expect so much. If he really wants to come back to you, he should make that effort and apologise if he made a mistake. Set your standards high and let people love you for that. Don’t get back to him begging for mercy just for the sake of getting back. He will only treat you like trash if you forget your worth and focus on pleasing him.


Meet new people


This is a sensitive time for you. While you may go out with new guys, you definitely should be honest about your state right now just so that you can avoid giving people high hopes of you. Rebounds are never good and it generally crashes when the reality is right in front of you. Don’t be with someone just so that you can kill your time.  Don’t rush anything. Enjoy the time that you have with someone you like but understand that you aren’t really in the state to commit to something for now.