6 ways to burn 600 calories in 6 days

ways to burn calories

For a successful weight loss plan one must be able to increase their physical activity and reduce the amount of calories they take. There are many people who want to lose weight and look smart and stay active, and they are aware of the fact that loosing weight requires a lot of hard work and self-resistance.

Many people try to starve themselves to death to lose weight. Many of them kill their desire to eat and only take green tea all day long. These practices are wrong. You don’t need to starve yourself to death to lose weight, in fact this way you are risking your physical health. Loosing more than 600 calories per day is considered bad for your overall health.

As mentioned earlier, the key is to reduce your calories and become more physically active. Some of you may ask why 600 calories specifically. So, to answer that, let me tell you 600 calories is an achievable task, and for that you don’t need to work very hard as little household chores and your goal is achieved. 600*7 = 3500 calories per week. This regime can help you shed about 1 pound per week, which is considered healthy.

How to Burn 600 Calories per Day?


Don’t Sit, Walk More

To begin with, you must understand that more calories are burned when you are standing. So, follow the simple household chores while standing. For example, folding clothes? Stand up and do that. Talking on the phone? Stand up and do that, and so on.


Incorporate Physical Activity

Secondly, you need to incorporate physical activity in your daily routine. If you already are working out, increase the time and intensity of the exercise. Let’s say you go for a 45 minute walk daily. Instead of walking, try running for 45 minutes. This way you will end up loosing 200 calories instead of 100.


Don’t Worry if you don’t have extra Time for Work out

You don’t need to worry about not having enough time to work out or for exercise. All you need to do is look out carefully. For example, use stairs instead of the elevator. You can also do exercise while watching TV.


Try Cardio & Strength Training

Try to do some cardio. This will help you shed more weight because you are directly straining your heart. Strength training is another way to burn calories.


Have You Tried Sports?

One other way is to take up sports. This is a fun way to shed that extra weight. You can join a club and go for tennis, swimming or try soccer. Try anything that you like.


Say a Big NO to Stress!

And finally, try to reduce stress from your life. Studies show that when a person is stressed they tend to eat more. Stay relaxed and stay stress-free. When a person is stressed the body releases cortisol, which dysregulates the hunger hormones in the body.


Keep in Mind…

These above methods are only useful if you are taking care of what you are eating. Try to add more of the fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink plenty of water.


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