6 ways to view call history of your Partner

Do you think that your partner might be cheating on you? Well, you can never accuse your spouse without having a tangible proof. It can either be that you are being too possessive of your spouse or there is an unknown fear inside you that drives you to think this way about your partner.But fears can never be trusted. Similarly your “gut feelings” may compel you about the partner’s infidelity but you cannot just go ahead with your fears of jealousy or gut feeling to declare your partner an infidel and risk losing him/her. Unless you have a tangible proof with you.

6 ways to view call history of your Partner

Every person uses a mobile phone nowadays and it can be the most reliable source to find any clue about your partner’s infidelity. But smartphones are complex and it is not only the calls and messages the basic features you can spoof on, there are social media and many other ways to have an illicit relationship with anyone online or secretly.


So how you can check about their cheating without them knowing?


There can be various methods to ascertain whether your partner is being an infidel or not.

I am going to share a few methods that would be helpful for you to spy on call history, geo-fence location and read messages of your spouse or girlfriend. Please use these methods on if you discern infidelity in your partner as they can be risky for your relationship.


  1. Sneaking into your partner’s phone:

 6 ways to view call history of your Partner

Perhaps the simplest way to check your spouse’s call history is to check it through accessing their cell phones. At first, you can look through the phone’s saved ‘recent lists’. But accessing your partner’s phone is not easy. Many relations have certain privacy rules to follow, and sneaking into your partner’s cell phone without their permission can be a red flag in some relationships.

If you do not have access to their phone, in this case you can log on to the individual accounts and look at the history. But again you would need certain security answers or account password to look into their account.

Remember it will be a one-time option since you cannot access his/her phone all the time. So this may not be the best method after all.


  1. Approach your partner’s telecom operator:

6 ways to view call history of your Partner

This one is a little tricky but worth a mention. You can check your partner’s call history through his cell phone provider’s bill. If you know his account details you can use them to check on his latest bill that contains all the calls and their information. Even if you do not have his account details, another way is through asking a duplicate of your partner’s phone’s itemized bill for another number if it is under your name or any of the family member’s name. Here you would also need to clear the security checks that they ask. So make sure you have all your spouse’s personal details.

And last but not the least, the Mobile or Wireline Telecommunication Network generates a wealth of information that is captured via Call Data Records (CDRs). The operator has the information about all the calls.  if any of your friends work for that particular telecom company they may provide you your partner’s bill but it is illegal and the person may end up risking his job if found guilty.



  1. Try xnspy to Spy on partner’s call history (Could this be the answer?)

 6 ways to view call history of your Partner

Many of you would have heard of spyware for checking infidelity. There are plenty around that have ample features to give you a detailed account of your spouse’s phone activity. One such app is xnspy.com to spy on your partner’s call history. These software can be helpful in many ways. For example, this spyware not only gives you the call history and contact details but it also provides you with call recordings of all the calls on your partner’s phone.

Cheating partners are extremely secretive at times. They may not have saved their number or call their secret girlfriend’s through a regular network. They can use any instant messenger to communicate. xnspy can help you trace any such illicit relation by providing you access to major IM chats. That includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Instagram, and Skype. And the best part is you won’t need to access your partner’s phone to see all this. All the information will be provided to your account.

But what if you do not find any information regarding any suspicious activity on your partner’s phone? The spyware also has GPS trackers that give you complete information about the target person’s location so you now know whom they meet and where they go.

Using a spyware can not only be safe and affordable but also convenient to monitor the call history of your partner.


  1. Call Detail Record Tracker:

6 ways to view call history of your Partner

If you want to spy on your spouse’s call history for free then you can try this software. Although this tool is developed by SolarWinds and helps you to monitor VoIP performance. Its basic feature is that you can search and filter call detail records. Since the app is used primarily for checking VoIP metrics, it provides only basic information about the call records. This includes call time and call status. But the free version is only for 48 hours and to use the advanced features the subscription charge is a whopping $1500!


  1. Google Duo has your call history:

6 ways to view call history of your Partner

You must have heard of Google’s video chat app Duo. The app was launched in August last year and they have now added video chats to the regular call history. So Duo now tracks all your calls. Google has recently added a call-log feature to the Duo, so it is now possible to keep and search your call history in your regular calling app. This app works on both iPhone and Android phones and can be downloaded free from their respective stores. So you can also install Duo on your partner’s cell phone and if logged from the same account on your phone it can sync all the call information on that phone on your phone.


  1. SIM Card Reader:

6 ways to view call history of your Partner

Another method to spy on your spouse’s call history is by using a sim card reader. In order for a SIM card reader to work, the cell phone must have a SIM card. Since the sim card is the brain of a phone it holds all the important information of the phone. Even if a person deletes incoming and outgoing messages from his phone, the sim card would show them. That is how a sim card reader comes in handy. If you are able to access your partner’s cell phone, you remove the sim card and place it into the sim card reader. After doing that, you plug a camera into it. The reader comes with a program that you can install on your computer and it will allow you to monitor some or most of the information that has been deleted from the phone including the text messages.

But there is a downside to this method, more and more cell phones are being made without eternal sim cards now that is why its use is becoming obsolete.


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