7 Abusive things that your partner does which you shouldn’t tolerate!

Everyone wants to be in a happy relationship which is nothing short of fulfilling. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to understand if your partner is trying to control you in ways which may initially seem very loving but are signs that you need to be careful about. It is very easy to ignore these abusive signs and take them for granted. However, it is advisable that you talk about it as soon as you can before things get damaged beyond repair. Of course, you might be in a dilemma and just overlook the very visible signs if your partner has all the good qualities. Here are a few signs that your relationship is abusive and you need to get out of it:

7 Abusive things that your partner does which you shouldn't tolerate!

They keep a check on your money


You might discuss your finances with him and seek his opinion on investments. But if you constantly find him keeping a check on all you money and seeking explanations on where you choose to spend it, then it is a sign of manipulative behaviour. Being in a relationship you are equals and you have all the right on your hard earned money and you should be able to choose where you wish to spend it and not wait for his permission to do it.  Having a fair discussion is always welcome but controlling your finances is a sign of abuse.


They rush into official commitment


Abusive partners want all the attention. They want commitments early on so that they can claim all their rights over you. They expect you to be very involved with them. While this can be very overwhelming, be careful for it might not be as great as you are thinking it to be. Weigh everything before you can finally dive into anything as serious as official commitments.


They keep you away from friends and family

7 Abusive things that your partner does which you shouldn't tolerate!

Don’t mistaken their sole want to be with you all the time as love. Of course, they might be head over heels in love with and want your presence all the time but that doesn’t mean that you completely get isolated from your family. This might also mean that taking you away from them gives him the liberty to do whatever he wants so that when you actually need help there is no one available. This is a very smart technique that abusive partners use to control broken people who need love and care so it’s easier to manipulate them.


You get no space


There is absolutely no space that you get in the relationship for they are always worried if anyone else is having your time other than them. All that you are supposed to do is be with them and respond to all their calls and texts without fail, even if you are in the middle of something very important. This kind of a person actually has no faith in you and will double-check if you are speaking the truth. What’s worse is they will stalk you almost everywhere whether virtually or physically and they wouldn’t care even if that causes massive embarrassment to you.


They make it difficult for you to discuss issues


It is very difficult to talk to them about anything that concerns you. They just storm out of discussions without any explanation as to what should be done to work on problematic issues. This shows how communication is a severe problem in your relationship. You might think that they are just upset or will come back later, but if they choose to ignore it, you are being abused.


They are very jealous

7 Abusive things that your partner does which you shouldn't tolerate!

Jealousy although a negative trait is tolerable to a certain extent but if you have to bear the brunt of his jealousy in a way which fails to respect your independence, then you need to give this relationship a second thought. It is very suffocating if your partner chooses to behave like he is cool with the attention you get and then taunts you about it and makes you feel very insulted.


They don’t respect your way of life


This is to say that they don’t approve of the way you choose to lead your life. For example, your choice of food, your clothes, your opinions and even the way you talk. In a very healthy relationship, people choose to accept the negatives and work out those that can be undone.


Your partner needs to have absolute respect for the kind of thoughts you harbour and also your values that make you. Unless they do that, they don’t truly love you. This will never last and all that you will go through is severe heartache that is uncalled for.  Avoid letting people have the power enough to abuse the position you give them in your life.