7 Beauty benefits of milk

 7 benefits of milk


Wondering how this humble food can be included in your beauty regime? We tell you 7 ways in which you can make the most of milk for a happy skin. So, now you can ditch your expensive product and switch to a natural alternative.


As a cleanser


Milk is rich in enzymes called lipase, protease and lactic acid which can remove oily impurities and protein based dirt and dead skin cells respectively, from your skin. You can either include milk- based beauty products or natural ingredients like chickpea, turmeric or baking soda with milk to clean it.


As a moisturiser

7 benefits of milk

If you are a dry skin beauty, milk can be your best friend. Its protein, water and fat rich composition can moisturise your skin. Clarified butter or ghee is a great moisturising product. Use it on your dry, chapped lips or dry skin during winters to get that glow and suppleness. On summers you can spray some milk on to your face and allow it to rest on your skin for about fifteen minutes for that extra freshness and vitality. You can also, take in the milk vapour to fight open pores.


As an anti ageing product


Milk has essential proteins that can help repair damaged cells and form new ones. You can also add powdered milk along with your regular rose water before going to bed. This will help your skin soak all the goodness of milk and repair tissues after you go off to sleep.


For bathing

7 benefits of milk

Kings and queens have been known to take milk baths daily. Milk will not only fight off dryness of your skin but also prevent other related skin diseases like eczema. Roughness of skin will easily melt away with the protein enriched formula of milk. You will notice firmness of skin and the added glow with regular use.


As an antidote to tanned skin


Uneven skin tone can be really frustrating for those who love the skin show. Instead of using chemicals to lighten all the sun burn, you can use milk to cool off your skin and soothe it. Just dip your cotton ball in cold milk and liberally apply it on the affected area. In addition to negating the effects of chemically loaded skin products you will also prevent holes in your pocket.


As a conditioner

7 benefits of milk

Milk has properties to repair your lifeless hair. Come across shampoo or conditioners advertising milk extracts in their products? Here is why. Milk can penetrate into your hair and smoothen your tresses. You can use it in combination with yogurt and olive/ baby oil. Leave it for fifteen minutes and wash it off. Avoid keeping it longer for it can weight down your hair with a greasy appearance.


In hair or face packs


Milk can be used instead of water to have a uniform consistency in your packs. This will it add the extra protein property to your pack to help you reap the moisturising benefits. For dry hair, spray some milk whenever you feel like. You can also use milk with turmeric as a pack for the added glow to your skin.


For better use: Keep some milk in your refrigerator always.


Do you have your own secret of using milk? Let us know in the comments below.



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