7 Benefits of Kissing


Lock those lips and get your tongue rolling into each others’ mouth because now you have proven reasons to. You know, this came as a surprise to me when I realized that scientists have actually studied what a simple kiss can do to your body. Yes, kissing has multiple benefits! Not only does it bond your relationship, its health benefits are myriad.

It enhances your romance

This is the first thing that couples will tell you. Nonetheless, I am sure it is the first intimate physical touch that expresses and solidifies your feelings. Gets you closer, helps those hormones release and sets you into the mood. [Read:Non- sexual touches that bond your relationship]

It has anti- stress properties

You can immediately feel the de stressing effect when your partner kisses you since the level of the stress hormone, cortisol decreases. You are relieved of pressures temporarily and things feel a little easier. Just like meditation, it promotes well being of the whole body.

You feel happier


The hormone endorphin, which is known to make you happy gets kicking when you kiss.

Your body can fight infections

Kissing increases saliva that cleans your teeth. It can fight cavities and makes us immune to bacteria that spread diseases. Natural antibodies can kill harmful germs that might contribute to mouth infections.

Kissing heightens your passion

Being packed with nerve endings, your lips can make moments memorable. Hormonal levels of dopamine and oxytocin increases which promotes pleasurable sensations. Scientists claim that even your genitals lack the kind of sensation that your lips can produce. Your intimacy doubles with the gesture.

Tones facial muscles

7 Benefits of Kissing

A kiss of a higher intensity and which involves a lot of movement of the facial muscles tends to tone your jaw line and that double chin and hence, could make you look younger.

Burn calories

Kissing can burn approximately 8-14 calories which is quite a bonus! Although it cannot replace your workout sessions, a kiss can definitely help without much pain.


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