7 Best Lip Brands for Spring 2015


7 Best Lip Brands for Spring 2015In women’s life it’s close to impossible to neglect the significance of cosmetics. One thing you will always find in a woman’s handbag is her most treasured lipstick collection. At the age of seven, I first applied my mama’s lipstick to my lips and enjoyed an amazing feeling. Although shade was bit dull and didn’t fit my personality much but still it was something out of this world experience. Good thing is that I’m gown up now and can get all funky colors of my own choice and preferred brands.

Lipstick is a necessary makeup accessory and women simply cannot resist to possess some of the best ones. Come on folks, it’s in our genes. A female psyche is fully embedded in keeping good range of lipsticks and lip glosses with us wherever we go. Deal with it.

Ladies! It’s time to greet new collection of various brands landed in the arena of cosmetics. Choose a perfect shade for your lips from economic lip glosses to high-end lipsticks and make this season more colorful, more alive and more exciting for you. Let’s have a look and then try, you will be amazed for sure.

  1. MAC

640px-MAC_pink_lipstick_(1)MAC is one of the best cosmetics bands in the world because of its great quality and wide-ranging choices. Its contemporary lipsticks are selling in the market like never before. You can get perfectly suitable lipstick or gloss according to your skin tone from the array of colors and textures provided by MAC.

  1. Dior

Are you interested to get the best lipstick color combination? Dior is the right brand for you as it is famous in the world for the same reason. Dior’s lipsticks casing is so astounding that can make your cosmetics shelf more attractive.

  1. Revlon

My all-time favorite Revlon always come up with quality lipsticks. For some women it may be pricy but it’s one of the most trusted brands. Price will surely be compensated when you will get pure satisfaction and Revlon will not let you down in this regard.

  1. Channel

It’s the brand where you cannot be short of shades to choose from. If you are not getting your desired color from anywhere, Channel is here to help you out.

  1. Maybelline

Maybelline offers fabulous shades of lipsticks with moisturizing effect which are quite pocket friendly. Moreover, color sensational lip glosses add more value to its fame

  1. Makeup Forever

In elegant casing, this brand was introduced by a makeup artist named Dany Sanz. So, without any doubt this lipstick brand is amongst the best.

  1. Estee Lauder

Another brand well admired by women all over the world is Estee Lauder. Secret of success behind its lipsticks on-point effects.


For me, MAC’s high-impact Ruby, shades of Chanel’s classic Pirate and lip voltage gloss of Dreamweave & Co are simply WOW!

What is your preferred brand and lipstick shade?

Perk up your lifestyle and make it more rocking with contemporary makeup brands. Be a confident women and shine on this spring with sparkly lip glosses or lipsticks.

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