7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Giving Us Major #Relationship Goals

If you are a crazy Bollywood fan then you definitely are one of those people who follow B-Town celebs and draw fashion goals and trends from them. Well, let us tell you these days new age B-Town Lovebirds have been giving major relationship goals. Amongst all those link-ups, hook ups and break ups there are still few couples who are still going strong and have an amazing relationship. There are those few celeb couples who are just married and few who have been married for a long time but they still stand with each other through thick and thin and in all ups and downs.

Yes, it is true that celebrity couples have a bad rep of keeping the relationships for long but here are a few couples who have been giving us major relationship goals. Check it out and I m sure, you might have guessed at least two to three of them.

Virushka ( Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma)

7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Giving Us Major #Relationship Goals

# For always standing by each other, even after being blamed

I can already see you gushing over this couple. They are a sweet couple who can make you go ‘aww’ just at the mention of their names. There’s quite a list when it comes to relationship goals that these two have given us. Even after being called ‘distraction’ for Virat, Anushka never quit coming to his games. She has always been attending the games even after being blamed for his bad performance. And not to forget, all the tweets they put on the twitter as a support for each other.

#When Virat posted a photo of his mother and Anushka on women’s day

A man deserves respect when he respects the woman in his life. Virat Kohli deserves a special mention here because the way he posted a photo collage on the women’s day wishing not only his mother but also Anushka Sharma for being the strongest women he has ever known.

Image Courtesy: Instagram Account– Virat Kohli

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Giving Us Major #Relationship Goals

Image Courtesy: Instagram Account- Ranveer Singh

#When Ranveer Singh not only took his parent’s blessing but also took Deepika’s parent’s blessings before receiving the award.

They both make an amazing couple and they are a perfect example of passionate, crazy, mad and opposites-attract kind of love. They both are not afraid to show it that they are in love. Yes, they have never outspokenly told the public that they are a couple but C’mon! Who can’t guess it b their actions? Actions always speak louder than words. Speaking about relationship goals, how much do you love and respect your girlfriend’s parents? You can seriously take a life lesson from our guy here, when he received the award as the best actor at IIFA he first touched his parent’s feet. Then he went over, touched Deepika’s parents’ feet before going onto the stage.

#When Deepika cut off his glorious mustache and Ranveer Singh let her do it

We all know how men love their hair, beard and mustache. They never let you touch it, let alone cutting it. But Ranveer Singh let Deepika cut off his mustache on the edges and posted the video on Instagram as well.

Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’souza

7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Giving Us Major #Relationship Goals

# Making time for a coffee date with his wife on a Sunday

These two will give you major goals if you follow them. They have been together for 15 years now and they are still smitten with each other. They will definitely make you jealous when you go through their Instagram accounts. Couples forget to go out on a date after few years of marriage or relationship but these two still make time for each other and still go on coffee dates.

#They both never miss any occasions and wish each other with the special messages on their social media.

Riteish and Genelia always post sweet nothings about each other on their handles even now. The captions will really make you feel aww. If you don’t believe us just check out their Instagram and Twitter handles. They don’t shy away from the public display and always show their appreciation for each other through words, which is much needed in a relationship.

Image Courtesy: Instagram Account-Riteish Deshmukh

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Giving Us Major #Relationship Goals

#When he surprised twinkle on Valentine’s day but didn’t forget his daughter and not to forget she called him her best friend

Image Courtesy: Instagram Account- Twinkle Khanna

This valentine’s day even when he was busy with his movie padman’s promotions he wrapped up his work and surprised his wife by his presence with two bouquets in hand. Well, he didn’t bring both the bouquets for his wife, but he bought one for his daughter. That’s so sweet, right? Twinkle posted a photo of him with the bouquets on her Instagram handle. And what’s more beautiful about their relationship is that even after being spouses and parents they never stopped being each other’s best friend.

#When Akshay tweeted about being proud of his wife’s career

Such men are definitely gems, twinkle is lucky to have him. Men hardly support women’s career, let alone be proud of her. Even if they are they won’t show it. But Akshay proudly posted a photo of him on a date with his wife where twinkle is giving her fan an autograph while he watches her. Here’s a picture of him at his wife’s book launch

Image Courtesy: Instagram Account- Akshay Kumar

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover

7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Giving Us Major #Relationship Goals

Image Courtesy: Instagram Account-Karan Singh Grover

#When Karan Singh cooks for her

You know just like men, way to a woman’s heart is also through food. Woman love it when men feed their woman especially the food made by men themselves. Karan Singh Grover whipped up some food for his lady love and wife, of course, and she couldn’t resist uploading it on her social media handles.

#When they posted photos of them working out together

Image Courtesy: Instagram Account- Bipasha Basu

You see, Bipasha’s perfect and toned abs and Karan’s chiseled biceps are made for each other. They are just perfect, they not only travel together but sometimes do also work out with each other. They share what they love the most –working out. Well, if their cute nicknames and their monkey love weren’t enough to make us jealous their fitness dedication and love for each other and workout will definitely leave us burning.

Shahid Kapoor and Meera Rajput

7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Giving Us Major #Relationship Goals

#When she agreed to marry him on one condition

If you haven’t heard of it already let us tell you, Meera Rajput was okay with marrying shahid on one condition that he shouldn’t color his hairs. And he agreed! Looks like Meera is a really good judge of looks and she definitely knew what looks good on him and what doesn’t. You gotta love a woman who not only cared about her looks but her husbands too.

#When Shahid Kapoor called her as his Santa

Image Courtesy: Instagram Account- Shahid Kapoor

Who says love doesn’t happen in arrange marriages? If you don’t believe it then just take a look at any picture of Shahid and Meera and you’ll get your answer. Reminding your partner from time to time how much they mean to you is something you should learn from Shahid.

Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu

7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Giving Us Major #Relationship Goals

#When he proposed her in Paris with a perfect ring

Image Courtesy: Instagram Account- Soha Ali Khan

The proposal in Paris is every girl’s dream. Soha and Kunal Khemu used to be in a live-in relationship and then got married. They are the most adorable couple in the Bollywood, they show love trumps all. From celebrating their two year anniversary to having their first baby, their love just seems to grow stronger. Their story is definitely a major relationship goal.

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