7 common relationship mistakes

Okay. So you are at it again. You have passed the dating stage and now you are entering risky grounds where all signs scream “Stay away!” But you want this to work. You want to make this work notwithstanding the consequences. You want to avoid every mistake, big or small, so as to have the perfect relationship. You have read every tip on the web yet your hunger says, “I want more.

So here we are to save you!

Presenting the most common relationship mistakes that you make.

  • Fighting over everything

When you are in the initial stage of your relationship, everything seems perfect. You appreciate your partner for whatever he does. You feel happy and you believe that happiness is here to stay. But as the clock ticks away, the last ounce of happiness is squeezed away and you start feeling weary. You have stopped appreciating your partner, hence you believe he isn’t the same person you met. You start fighting. From minor debates to big arguments to a fiery match where you want to say the last word.

Advice : Sure time changes everything. Words and deeds that you once considered special now seem routine. When the urge to fight seeps in you, reflect on the time you have spent with your partner, the little sacrifices he made for you and the things he did for you to see you smile.

  • Taking your partner for granted

After a few months, you become so accustomed to your partner “being there” for you, you start taking him for granted. You treat him indifferently, carelessly. You stop valuing him and his presence means nothing to you.

Advice : This is the worst thing to do. While taking your partner for granted might imply that you are in a cozy relationship, it can have adverse effects on your partner. Human beings love being appreciated and once you stop doing that, your partner may turn to someone who will hold him in high regard.

Its absolutely normal to tell your partner that you don’t like this and that about him. He will try to incorporate changes in his behavior, he will try to do something about it. But imagine the shock that is going to blow his skull apart if he finds out you are complaining about him to the whole world while he isn’t the least bit aware. Imagine the anger, the disgust that will overpower him if he reads about it on your nosy best friend’s Facebook posts.

Advice : If you don’t like a certain thing, talk about it with your partner. Broadcasting your personal issues to the world is not welcome in a healthy relationship. You are breaking the sacred rules of your bond.

  • Questioning your relationship

Will I be with this person for the next week, month or year? Will he be there for me when adversity strikes? Will he be willing to fulfill my wishes in the days to come? If these questions are hovering over your mind, you better shut your mind for awhile otherwise, it will lead to the destruction of your growing relationship.

Advice : Accept things as they are. Don’t question his loyalty or your own. If you have trusted him and have come so far, you should continue to do so. Trust your conscience.

  • Keeping secrets

No, you don’t have to describe every minute detail to him. But you must not hold back the important endeavors. If you start keeping secrets, you are closing one door of communication.

Advice : Sharing is an essential part of a relationship. It strengthens commitment. Communication fills in the voids of your relationship.