7 Dating ideas that will level up your romance this year!

These days online dating is in. People want to date and know each other better before diving into more serious relationships. More like casual or even some ending up into real relationships. Just so that you end up coming across as the right kind of person,  make sure you do all the right things before you go on a first date. No matter how used to you ate meeting guys, it is important to treat each one differently and give them their due respect even if your past has been bad. Here are a few ways in which you could level up your dating ideas and transform your future relationships.


Go beyond the coffee shop date


If you have decided to meet this guy recently for the first time, instead of going for the usual boring or may be classic idea, you could look out for better sports which are more fun and can in fact reveal people’s true interests. You could instead go to a historical site, a pub, or even go boating on a lake or a beach setup would be a great idea. This will actually help you understand the person better as it might just give you better topics to converse about.


Give your girl gang a chance to fix you up


Yes, this could be real fun actually. Friends do know you better and if you are lucky enough to be close to your girl gang, then they actually set you up on a blind date. There is no harm involved in it. If you like to keep your relationship a secret and keep your friends out of the picture completely, then you must think again. Instead if you could count on your friends and let them decide you could rest assured that your friends have already screened him to ensure that he is compatible with you.


Sign up on a dating app


Dating app is not a bad idea at all. These days you you’ll find many people you know on these apps already. Not just does it allow you to meet people who share the same likes as yours but also open up more prospects. You never know you may find your soul mate right here. Even if you don’t if you are careful in interacting with the right kind of people, you may end up having great friends or even learn a thing or two about the dating world.


Prepare yourself before the date

 7 Dating ideas that will level up your romance this year!

Make sure you have a few questions ready before you meet him up. Of course awkward silences are very common. But if you have them for longer than expected then both of you will be bored of each other. Instead try rapid fires once you find him comfortable with you. Try being inquisitive about him (which of course means that you need to be very aware of the rapport you share! ). The more you are interested in others, the more space you give them, the more they feel like you are actually listening to them; the better your date will turn out to be.


First impression is always the last impression


Don’t ever end up on a date like you are least bothered about him. Okay, you might want to be accepted just the way you are, but the first impression always counts. Pay attention to what you are wearing, if you are actually being able to carry it and you are confident in walking in those stilettos. You wouldn’t want to end up embarrassing yourself on your first date. Like it or not, this world works on first impressions. You will never get another chance to recreate the first meet again.


Don’t fake anything


It is very annoying when people try and project an image of themselves that is totally farce. No matter what kind of an imposter you are or how cool your craft is, you will definitely expose your true colours if not at the first meet, but eventually. The more genuine you appear and sound, chances are you will get to meet this man again. If you appear a wannabe, he might just drop everything and leave as fast as he can.


Don’t share your past experiences too soon

7 Dating ideas that will level up your romance this year!

No matter how long you have been speaking over the phone or have stayed in touch, unless you meet someone you will never understand their true intentions. You never know how people can use your past experiences to manipulate you and, make you do things that you might regret later. This also include talking about your past relationships. Nobody wants to be on a first date where they have to listen to your sob stories. In case he gives you the liberty to do so or categorically wants to know you could just casually talk about them instead of showing him that you are clearly still into one of them.