7 Habits of yours that are instantly killing his interest

Are you having a hard time keeping your men hooked to your for long? Is he instantly looking his interest and you still don’t know why? Sure, he may not leave or run away at every little mistake of yours but if you are making those serious crimes that are unacceptable he will go away searching for the other woman who keeps him happier. Here are a few habits if yours that are causing your partners to run far away from you.

7 Habits of yours that are instantly killing his interest

You have an endless list of complaints


No matter how hard your man is trying to do his level best, you are never happy. he is surely never going to tackle that child in you forever. You should be able to make him feel good about himself instead of proving it him how worthless you feel he is. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and not ridiculed. So, if you have made it a goal to chide him at every opportunity, you are surely sending him running down the hills. If there is some problem with him that you don’t approve, then you should probably let him go. Maybe this is what is bothering him as well. [Read: 5 Ways to stop being the Problem in the relationship]


You don’t behave well in public


It is always an embarrassment to have you with him in public. You either end up hurting him or other people with your words. If you drink, you forget to stay within your limits and then follows a lot of drama of which he is tired of taking the responsibility for. Your public conduct has always been questionable so he doesn’t wish to stay interested anymore. You are a snob and you have a tendency of badmouthing others to make yourself feel great. His friends have also started raising an issue with the way you are for you do not even have the decency to treat them well.


You don’t pay attention to your appearance


It is important to keep your man interested in you not just emotionally but physically as well. When he met you, he seemed to be a fitness freak, you took care of yourself and also made it a point to dress well. But you don’t consider that important enough now. All you want is to stay in our comfort zone and him to be happy with what you have to offer now. A man likes being with a woman who he can proudly show off. Well, you may disagree but that’s how men actually are!


You mistrust him

7 Habits of yours that are instantly killing his interest

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. You have never been able to trust him. Whatever he does, you feel like there is something cooking behind your back. If you always accuse him of cheating on you despite him proving it otherwise, he won’t tolerate that for long. It only shows that you are insecure and jealousy defines you. You have no confidence in your worth and that is why you end up playing the blame game to derive happiness out of seeing him unhappy. [Read:How to deal with trust issues in a relationship?]


You are never responsible with your things


You always end up losing things here and there. Initially it all seemed cute. With time he has come to realise that he cannot even trust you with money. You wither spend it on pointless stuff that you regret buying later every time or you misplace them. He is a hard worker and so every little penny that he earns matter to him but you don’t pay an interest in respecting what he toils hard for. If you cannot be responsible with something as important as money how can he trust you with his life?


You don’t have time for sex


If he is interested in you, he will want to make love to you. Sex is a basic need. He doesn’t really care about what you have grown up into believing but yeah, sex matters in the relationship. You have excuses ready whenever he gets romantic. Neither do you take the initiative nor do you let him come close to you. If you deny him sex for long, he will get suspicious or may just take a U-turn and chase someone who is ever ready to satisfy him. [Read: The type of sex he wants according to his Zodiac!]


You cannot hold a decent conversation


It does matter to some men who like to have an intelligent conversation with the woman they are in a relationship with. You won’t be beautiful forever but if you act stupid it will kill his interest sooner than you can anticipate. You can be the most beautiful woman on earth but if you talk nonsense, you are no good. This doesn’t mean you have to be an expert but try to know at least a little of everything so that you have something to offer during a conversation.


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