7 Hair brush types and their uses!

We use various hair care products to stylise and maintain our hair but we tend to neglect the importance of using a proper hair brush.

7 Hair brush types and their uses!

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Our hair textures differ from one another and hence there is an availability of different hair brushes made to look after and compliment the varying textures of mane we possess, girls.


7 Hair brush types and their uses!

A majority of us are acquainted with the paddle hair brush, which has become popular over time among most women with rough and frizzy hair. The bristles of a paddle brush have small balls on the tip which not only helps in stimulating blood circulation in the scalp but helps to free tangles with scarcely any effort. With this brush it is advisable to start at the ends of the hair and work your way up to the top.



The teasing hair brush is a great bet for those who have limp tresses. Its bristles can be used strategically to back comb portions of the hair to add faux volume to it. It has a thin and finely pointed lower end which allows in isolating separate strands of hair while making partitions of the portions which are to be back combed.



7 Hair brush types and their uses!

This type of hair brush is round in shape, has synthetic bristles and a ceramic coating which is why it is used mostly for heat styling (curling) as it helps in distributing the heat evenly onto the hair while it is being heat styled and the synthetic bristles allow for a smooth comb through, as your tresses gladly emulate the round shape of the hair brush.



7 Hair brush types and their uses!

If you have limp hair and want an instantaneous volume increase at the point of attending a party, then this is the right hair brush for you. It has vents across its body which help air pass through easily to your hair to aid a quick drying process and the vents also help in controlling the build up of static electricity so that when the taut bristles are run through frizzy hair, it leaves a smoothened effect to your hair. However if you are looking to add a particular style to your hair then you should opt out of this hair brush as it adds to untamed volume.



7 Hair brush types and their uses!

This hair brush is perfectly suited to women with short hair. The brush has uniform soft bristles which stand straight at the centre, leaning towards the side on the outside. It helps in giving a perfect shape to a bob cut, making it appear smooth and straight with a slight curve at the bottom.



7 Hair brush types and their uses!

The tall comb with its close fit teeth and long and pointed nether part are the best hair parting tools. It can used to make different sorts of and a number of partitions while making braids. Pressing the pointed behind of the comb on the scalp while drawing a partition will help you in attaining a defined line.



7 Hair brush types and their uses!

The wide toothed comb works best for girls with curly or wavy hair. The wide spaces between the teeth of the comb help in de-tangling your locks without altering its consistency and feel whatsoever. It also helps in evenly spreading any sort of cream, serum, oil or conditioner that you apply to your hair.

Mentioned above are a few of the most noted hair brushes among several other varieties of hair brushes, each of which have exclusive roles to play in the styling of your hair.



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