7 Heartbreaking reasons why your man is bad to you

Fairy tales don’t actually exist in reality. Being blinded in the initial honeymoon phase is common to all. With time, the differences start creeping in. You realise that somewhere things may not be working because either you are misunderstanding the whole situation or your partner is not what you thought he was. If you find signs of a bad boyfriend, there is possibly no way in which you could change them or expect them to accommodate or be considerate to your wants or needs. Even if you try and stick around waiting for a miracle to happen, chances are you are in for massive disappointment.

But if the situation has been born purely out of miscommunication, then you need to clear them out and give your relationship another chance because you don’t want to be regretting things later. This will need time and you should be patient enough to let things take its own course. Addressing what you are going through right now, here are few reasons why a man is acting rude and mean to you:


You don’t mean a lot to him


Only when a man feels that you are an essential part of his life, he will make the effort to make you feel and important and cared for. If you sense a constant cold shoulder from his end and you cannot really figure out the reason, this is perhaps the number one reason to justify his behaviour. He probably considers you good enough for small dates and sex only and anything beyond that is just not doable with you from his end. Remember, people who hold you dear, will never do something to hurt you even subconsciously.

He is toying with your emotions


When people are playing with you and manipulating you to do things that serve their purpose, they will show you the original intentions sometimes because you cannot be someone you really are not for a very long time. So, those times, he gets into his cocoon or feels like he has given enough, you feel see instances where he will act the meanest and the most selfish with you. Plus, he knows that you might enjoy the chase without keeping things monotonous. If he is an experienced player, he will make sure he has you on the loop for long.


He doesn’t know he is hurting you


Sometimes, men just don’t understand that something that feels perfectly rational to them might be a source of pain for women. May be its just a matter of misinterpretation. The only thing that you can do is let the other person know how their actions affect you and what you could do together to sort things out so that things don’t escalate to a level where there is no comeback for either of you.


He just has a terrible attitude

Your man is probably suffering from seeking validity all the time. A sense of entitlement all the time in a relationship becomes very difficult for the other person to deal with. There should never be a place for ego in love. He wants to be catered to all the time while he will pretend like you don’t matter. You will be hurt for sure but that is all he could give you. His expectations will always sky rocket and the moment you cannot meet them, he will pounce on you repeatedly. That is exhausting and if you in a trap like that, it is advisable to not keep chasing or expecting something better from him.


He has given up on the relationship


You don’t make it to his priority list anymore.  Something has shifted his emotions and he cannot stand the thought be being more just what he is to you right now. This is the reason his attitude gets translated to rudeness. Maybe he has just given up on the whole idea of the relationship that you have with him. He wants his space and probably waiting for you to understand that on your own.


He wants to withdraw into his shell


Sometimes men go through this phase of completely withdrawing into a hard shell and doing what they want to do all alone. It is just momentary but this very same attitude can drive women crazy. He might love you a lot but sometimes, he just wishes to be on his own without any intrusion into his private space. However, if he makes you feel that you are too clingy when you have always respected his time and space then you could interpret this behaviour of his way of telling you that you are no longer important enough to him. Should you be wasting time with this man when he doesn’t value you anymore?


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