7 Myths about Condoms that Have to Be Dispelled!

Do you remember how many gossips about the contraceptives did we hear when we were teenagers? Somebody tore it during sex, men feel nothing using a sheath, and it does not protect, but hurts…

A condom remains the most popular type of contraception. That is why so many misbelieves piled up around us that need to be dispersed. Here we will name the most spread falsehoods about the thing very familiar to every couple – a condom. Let’s find out the true advantages and disadvantages of this type of contraception and do not be deceived anymore.



  1. Condoms decrease the satisfaction and enjoyment of the process

In fact, on the contrary, condoms can come in handy when you or your partner lack sexual pleasure. Researchers found that people who regularly put on the rubber estimate the quality of sexual relationships the same way as those who prefer get away with contraceptives. However, do you know what can bring you the real satisfaction to Ukrainian women dating? No fear of unintended pregnancy or STD. You relax and become able to enjoy the pick moment instead of concentrating on how not to screw up. To tell nothing about the diversity of the rubbers nowadays: ultrathin, lubricated, ticklers. Let’s just say: fits any taste.


  1. 2 condoms mean double protection

Maybe, let’s put 8 then…this way you will be totally sure. Actually, the principle “the better defense the longer tower stays does not work”. One is completely enough, while two can be worse as they increase the risks of being torn. Two condoms will rub against each other because of the sharp movements. Such a friction may lead to the damage of the both rubbers.

In general, you can use two condoms, but not at the same time.


  1. His penis is too large for a condom

Haven’t you seen a video on YouTube where guys cover their heads with the condoms? No, we do not tell you to check the rubber you use this way. Just think that even the smallest human’s head is larger than the biggest penis ever. National Health Services are sure that the condoms can be stretched up to 18 inches. Do not let him flatter yourself so much.


  1. The size of the condom does not matter


The fact that the rubber can be too big for a guy does not mean that you both have to forget about the size of a contraceptive. By the way, its size depends not on the length but on the width of the penis.

  • S- 1-1.5 inches
  • M-2 inches
  • L-more than 2 inches
  • XXXL,Extra Large- more than 2.5 inches


  1. The condoms are not fully secure in prevention the pregnancy

If it is so, why do so many people use them, so many doctors recommend and so many commercials are demonstrated? There is only 2% possibility of insecurity and it is still the safest kind of contraception. In fact, nothing is completely secure whether a hormone pill, or a spiral (0.2%-1.4%). However, these both options are taken inside your body and, therefore, have some kind of effect on it (hair growth, metabolism etc.).The condoms, in fact, do not influence your health state at all but can help you in successful dating a russian girl.


Anyway, if you still have a shade of doubt, try using a spermicide in addition to the rubber. It will make you feel more confident.


  1. Oral sex and condoms cannot exist together

Herpes, HPV virus and a lot of other disgusting stuff will never be transmitted through a comparatively thick rubber. The majority of doctors insist on using condoms even during an oral sex.


  1. The condoms are 100% effective

We are sorry, but no remedy can guarantee a 100% effect, to say nothing about contraception and condoms. It is just impossible. The larger number the condom’s manufacturers give is 98%. It is not a small probability, would you agree?