7 Natural ways to cool your body

Natural ways to cool your body this summer

All heated up this summer? Here are a few ways to turn your body heat down.

  • Oily, spicy food is a big no-no!

Natural ways to cool your body this summer

Do not have oily, spicy, unhygienic, junk food. It’s like poison for you in this heated up summer!
These have no good qualities. Eating junk, spice and oil will not only lead to weight gain but also cause over-heating of the body, outbreaks on the skin and problems in the digestive system.


  • Eat what keeps you cooler:

Natural ways to keep your body cooler this summer

Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables, their juices, salads, etc.
Watermelons, avocados, plums, grapes, peaches, broccoli, sweet potatoes, cherries, pineapples, mangoes, cucumbers and all types of juicy fruits and green, leafy vegetables should be consumed for a cooler body and fresher skin.

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  • Avoid chiller water and other cool beverages:

Natural ways to keep your body cool this summer

The digestive system needs to be cooled. But not forcefully, it cannot be. Ice-cold, chilly drinks disrupt the natural process of cooling of the digestive system. So always choose normal, room-temperature instead of artificially cooled products to chill your insides. It will only tamper with your strong digestive system.


  • Feed yourself routinely:

Natural ways to cool your body this summer

You cannot skip your meals, as that is surely going to warm you up on the inside. And make you burp, fart, belch away. Always have your meals on time, especially breakfast and lunch, when your digestive system is the most active.
Unless you eat, forget about work and exercise. Not eating has no benefits and does more damage than you think.


  • Work out at the right time:

Ways to cool your body this summer

Don’t work out at midday when the sun is hot and out, don’t work out after dinner at night when you’re bloating. Obviously. Choose the right and the coolest time to exercise. Early in the morning when the sun’s rays aren’t that strong or during the cool evenings. Go for a jog, a run, a swim, or you can even practice yoga at home.


  • All work and no play makes Jill a dull- girl:

Natural Ways to cool your body

Similarly, if all you’re doing is exercising and working in this heat, you’re running the risk of over-stressing, which will in turn, leave you exhausted or even sick.
This causes imbalance in your system. Make time for leisure, relaxation and other fun activities that you absolutely enjoy doing.


  • Relax you body and mind:

Ntural ways to cool your body this summer

Keeping your mind cool and calm, help you keep your body temperature low as well. When you get angry, you feel hotter.
Our mind is always so restless, it’s almost impossible to make the chaos go away. To calm it down, you can plug your ears, shut out the world and relax to some soft, mellow music in the bathtub. You can also go for a spa, go for an evening walk or meditate in a park.

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