7 Problems in a relationship you need to fix right away!

Relationships need not be perfect. Everyone has their own share of troubles in the relationship. We don’t always want to accept the fact. But this is the hard reality. When bigger problems crop up, people tend to understand what went wrong rather than looking out of the smaller problems right at the start. Here are a few big problems in a relationship that happens almost to the best of us.


However, not every relationship shares the same kind of trouble. They vary depending on the kind of bond people share. Though you can never completely root out all the problems at an instant, all you can do is stay committed to the relationship and work on all the problems on a regular basis. Just be consistent and things will undergo drastic improvements.



Communication issues:


This is something that is almost staple to most of us. We tend to forget the value of telling our partners everything that bothers us or even express what we feel for them. In the beginning, we are very chatty. We want to know each other as much as we can. We like cracking jokes and even share the gravest of our problems.


With time, we give up on this habit assuming that they will just know or they should be knowing. People change with time. You need to cope with all these changes that you partner might be going through just so that you are not completely aloof from whatever if happening in his life.


Lack of trust:


Lack of trust is poison in a relationship. It is the foundational basis and if you cannot trust your partner you might as well consider the relationship dead. Does it bother you when your partner speaks about his female friends? Do you feel unsettled when his phone is busy? If you are always wondering about his whereabouts and finding it difficult to cope with his version of things, then you don’t clearly trust him enough.



You are two different people:


Initially everything seems perfectly in sync. With time you realise that both of you are two different people. There is nothing that binds the two of you. When you don’t think alike or don’t have the same outlook towards life, you have nothing in common. Lack of commonality means that you can never ever agree on anything. Whatever maybe the issue, if you two have differentiated outlooks, then a relationship is never blissful.



Lack of physical attraction:


This is also another big problem that people try to mask or avoid completely. Being physically attracted to your partner is very important. This shows if your interest is still intact. With time people do tend to lose the sexual attraction as they get used t being around each other. That craziness diminishes for it feels like an already explored territory. However, with little work you can find the spark back. Try sexting, planning surprises, wearing something kinky that you have been avoiding for long. Entice your man again. I am sure he will love your efforts.



Unstable Careers:


An unstable career can lead to the build up of frustration. In order to avoid resentment in the relationship, you need to keep your finances grounded. Lack of it can lead to frequent fights for your needs will always remain unmet. If your social status is hampered, it can reflect on your own relationship as well. Look out for better opportunities and help your partner make necessary changes if you are having difficulty in making both ends meet. In fact switching careers can be a better option if you are already frustrated with your current job.



Lack of space:

7 Problems in a relationship you need to fix right away!

Just like you would like to enjoy your life without interference, the same stands true for your partner as well. You cannot cal someone a hundred times in the day! Nor can you keep track about his whereabouts just like a stalker. Intruding into someone’s personal space is not desirable even if you are in a relationship and you feel like you have complete right over his life. Space is important if you want to grow in the relationship. If either of you feel suffocated, it can ruin the relationship. As much as being around each other is important, giving each other the space is also important.


Lack of time:


Do you have no time for each other at all? Has it been weeks since you heard from him and vice versa? These days people are so busy with their own lives and careers that they tend to forget that they even have a relationship. In fact you might just be wondering if he holds that kind of importance in your life or not. Don’t get so involved in your private space that you cannot do justice to the relationship you are in.