7 Reasons why you should always speak up your mind

We all have heard the famous quote that says  ‘Words are like bullets, once fired can never be taken back’. Whereas this is a reality and refrains us from bluntly speaking all that we have in mind as we are cautious for hurting somebody’s sentiments but a lot us take it a bit too seriously. There are also many benefits of speaking up. This keeps us tied from speaking our minds out. Just because you don’t want others to get hurt or form a negative opinion about you or simply because you are scared of judgments, you stay in the background and don’t say anything. You might think that it is a smart move as you are not participating but let me tell you that you are just not being kind to yourself for keeping things to yourself. This article will lead you to the insights that why it is essential to always speak your mind and how your thoughts and beliefs will constructively grow stronger if you do so.

Why is it important to speak your mind?

7 Reasons why you should always speak up your mind


  1. People will start to understand you

How do you expect others to understand you when you are not ready to tell them about you? People are not minded readers and they will obviously end up with their own interpretation until you speak. You might be at disagreement to a point but just because you didn’t show your disagreement, people will never understand your likes and dislikes.

For instance, if you are going out with your friends and you are not satisfied with their plans but you choose to go because you don’t want to hurt them, you will end up making the sacrifices always and will see yourself adjusting to their terms and conditions all because you didn’t have your say. You should suggest them about better plans or simply tell them that you don’t think you will enjoy being a part of this plan.

This way they will also keep your likes and dislikes in mind while planning up for next time and will refrain from imposing their decisions on you and will begin valuing your presence more. When you can simply tell them about your thoughts why go through the hassle of misinterpretations?



  1. You will never be stressed

As mentioned above, if you don’t choose to speak your mind you will always be stressed and unhappy as you will be crushing your mood and choices in the run. Keeping things to yourself and not letting it out will only trigger anxiety in you and this could be problematic in the long run and time and again, you will be left with nothing but regrets for not having tackled things differently.

A lot of people I have met in my life has always had this regret that they didn’t speak their minds out when they had the opportunity. Later, words that are left unsaid will only continuously remind you of how things would have been different if you would have allowed yourself to spill the outcomes in your mind.


  1. People will never take advantage of you

7 Reasons why you should always speak up your mind

The world is not such a sweet place to be giving all the time. Your silence simply reflects upon the fact that you are giving the world around you a space to intervene into your world and exploit you. Just because you don’t speak your mind and always nod a yes to whatever the surroundings throw at you, people will try and take advantage of that because they will be aware that you are too sweet a gem to say no to them. These people will also not shy away from hurting you or mistreating you as they will be equipped with the overconfidence that you are banking on not speaking your mind as the fear in you is existent always.

Also, since nobody likes to admit that they have been fooled and taken advantage of, you will simply repeat the cycle and end up feeling duped or deceived. People around you will always have an upper hand on you and maybe it won’t affect you initially but as time flies by you will feel like a subordinate.

You might end up in a state of helplessness as the only one to suffer for having said yes instead of a no is you, yourself.


  1. You will have self-respect

The hardest nut to crack is the one who keeps things to himself and always portrays the sweet side to the world. They might be chicken-hearted when it comes to expressing their opinions but what they fail at understanding is that when they don’t speak up, they are thinking one thing and starting another. This is only going to complicate things in the outer world and also in their inner spiritual world because they are constantly condemning their mind.

Doing so for a long period of time, will stimulate resignations and will lead to lower self-respect. This is going to do a lot more harm than you think. Demeaning yourself and devoicing your mind will only put you in an environment where people don’t respect you. For people to appreciate you, you need to be willing to speak what is in your mind and be confident about it.

Some people might get eerie initially but they will acknowledge that you are not formed of deceptive opinions and you are honest.


  1. You will do the correct thing

7 Reasons why you should always speak up your mind

You may think that you are doing others a favour by keeping quiet but actually, you are closing all their ways to orate and learn. Opinion leaders exist in all peer groups but that doesn’t mean that whatever comes out of their mouth is glorious.

Give them an edge of thinking by telling them what you think about a certain situation. The best part of humans is that everybody thinks differently. This allows them to learn and grow. If everyone would be of a singular opinion, we would never have so many developments and innovations taking place on a daily basis. It is because people speak and contribute their thoughts which helps people not have a fixed perception and see things from different angles and be more empathetic.


  1. You will inspire others

7 Reasons why you should always speak up your mind

Whether good or bad, your opinion is your stand and it is absolutely fine if people don’t agree with you. Having an opinion about something doesn’t imply that your colleagues or your friends have to agree with it. If there are counter opinions, awesome! It will only extend your thought process and your mind will be at work which will eventually help you grow fonder and be more self-aware.

Just because you are speaking your mind, people around you will have the confidence to speak their minds. The energies in you will certainly circulate and pass and sooner or later you will be an inspiration to others.


  1. Your relationships will start to improve

Never underestimate the power of honesty. It might appear bitter when you get it, but you will see how honesty favours you in the long run. For instance, you plan a reunion with your school friends and you tell your best friend who you have met in your office about it and she says “I might come along with you”. Now, you don’t want her involvement, certainly as it is a school reunion. So the best is to say ” I think I would prefer to be on my own”. This might hurt her for some time but from next time onwards she would be more careful and mature in her dealings. This way the relationship between you both will nurture.

 If you are constantly disappointed in yourself and always have ‘I wish I had said that’ moments, it’s high time you cultivate your thinking and  be okay with speaking your mind. You will see that you will be a happier person and won’t feel surrendering to other people’s wishes all the time. Remember always speak up your mind.

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