7 Reasons why your boyfriend is behaving so selfish with you

Relationships can get you crazy. While things may seem pretty normal at the start, with time you may realise that your partner is not as selfless as you thought him to be. While movies might have you believe that perfect partners exist, with a selfish boyfriend you know that much better. Some men are plain and simple bad. While they might have you believe that you are the one to blame for everything, you must understand that there is no way to change them no matter how much you try and put in some efforts. While there are chances that you might be misunderstanding this man, it is equally possible that you are just unlucky in love with a selfish boyfriend who is ruining your sanity. If you are confused with your boyfriend’s behaviour and wish to know the reasons what could be triggering that behaviour of his, here are few signs that you could stay on the lookout for.

7 Reasons why your boyfriend is behaving so selfish with you

He is taking the relationship casually


While this may not be too apparent if your partner is cunning, you could still understand from his behaviour that you don’t mean a thing to him. You may have the liberty to assume so unless he confesses that directly to you but If you man acts selfishly all the time taking you for granted, then he is not serious about you at all. [Read: 7 Ways to make your man fall harder in love each day]


He is a playboy


It is difficult to say if a man is playing with your emotions unless you have been acting on a deeper level and have analysed his behaviour closely. This is more so because playboys will always act gentlemanly initially to impress you. He knows exactly what to do so that you stay glued to him and this is the reason why he is making every effort to act like a hard chase so that you pursue him crazily. [Read: Gentleman Vs. Playboy: Who are you dating?]


He has seen this since his childhood


Grownups who have had a history of abuse or may have seen home grown violence may start emulating what they have experienced or have been the most exposed to. This is typically psychological and it can be difficult to get him out of state unless professional help is sought. While you may think that he does all of these selfish activities intentionally, he may himself be unaware of what he does for he does them subconsciously.


He is a gold digger


Gold diggers are the most charming when it comes to interacting with people. You may not even realise that you are being duped unless you have been deep in those troubled waters. If you find him being selfish with you it could be a sign that you are just being used for something that interests him. This could either be your money or the fact that you could just be his trophy girlfriend. [Read: 6 Signs you are dating a 100% Gold Digger!]


Nothing about you interests him anymore

7 Reasons why your boyfriend is behaving so selfish with you

You have stopped paying attention to him or don’t take the initiative to keep things spicy in the relationship. This is perhaps the reason why he has lost all interest and doesn’t want to give his best in the relationship anymore. You bore him too much and just feels that he should be looking after his happiness now which is why he is acting selfish now. [Read: 6 Truths about sex you need to know to keep your partner interested]


You don’t give him space


He feels suffocated in your presence. While there was a time when he craved to see and be with you now he feels that you are too clingy and don’t give him the space to be himself. While it is great to be worried and care for your partner, you should also allow him his space so that your relationship grows. Remember, he is an individual first and then your boyfriend. So no matter how hard you might try to curb his freedom, it will only backfire in the long run. [Read: 7 Ways to give space to your partner!]


You have been acting suspicious


Off late you have been acting weird. While he has tried to communicate with you, you are still doing what you want to. This has turned him crazy, so much so that he believes that acting selfish now will help him drop hints at what is worrying him and that you would respond or try and make things better.