7 Reasons why you should be dating sensitive men

Sensitivity can be a relative term for most of us. However, when it comes to love there are clearly different kinds of men we come across based on their degrees of sensitivity towards you and the prevalent circumstances. The reason why most of us have a number of failed relationships is because we don’t really dig into the deeper layers of a man’s personality and make decisions in haste when it comes to love. If you feel like you have been around a lot of “manly” guys but still can’t make it work, you could consider giving the more sensitive men a chance. Here are a few reasons why you could consider having a sensitive man in your life.

7 Reasons why you should be dating sensitive men

They are more empathetic


It is empathy that is largely lacking in people these days. Lack of empathy makes people cruel and selfish. Sensitive men are more empathetic towards others. That means they try and analyse situations being in someone else’s shoes. This means when you are down or if there is anything that bothers you they will be very empathetic and will do whatever they can to put you at ease.


They are more open


When men are closed, it is difficult to relate to them or their feelings. Men tend to be good at sucking up their feelings even if that is killing them whereas women like to get it all out in whatever form that may be. Often women complain that men don’t really tell them what’s bothering them. It often makes us dub them as insensitive often leading to huge fights. With sensitive men you can be assured that they will try and communicate about themselves to keep you aware and in a better position to deal with the issue.


They will be patient with you


Sensitive men are more patient than their macho counterpart. They tend to be more patient with you, they will take time to understand why you do what you do instead of coming up with blame games. If you tell that that you won’t be able to attend a date on a particular date or will not be able to accompany them somewhere because you have a hectic schedule at work, they will understand instead of creating a hue and cry over it. They might be a little hurt when plans don’t work but you won’t have to face a backlash because you had to change the plan because of unexpected circumstances.


They listen more and talk less


Most of the problems happen in a relationship because people sometimes talk too much but rarely listen to their partners. However a sensitive men will try to listen to all that you have to say before interrupting you with his opinions. Their sensitive streak makes them very eager to know what is it that is bothering the other person. They know it better how it feels to have your opinion unheard. Hence will do their part to give you the space to let yourself be heard.


They act cautiously

 7 Reasons why you should be dating sensitive men

Sensitive men don’t end up doing things just because they like to. They will think twice before doing something illegitimate. They understand the value of actions and it can drive things to the point that there won’t be a comeback. This is why when they do something, they will first evaluate the effect of that action on you and then do the needful. Because they feel a lot more they will never want to do things intentionally to hurt the person they are in love with. This means that they won’t surprise you with acts that you don’t really approve of and make you unhappy.


They will let you take charge


Sensitive men have no problem with their lady being too independent or blunt. He would let you take charge and do things your way without necessarily showing his need to appear manly just for the sake of it. On the other hand, men who tend to be insensitive like to have everything in control and will expect you to follow them. So, if you have an independent streak and like to have things your way, you might want to start being around sensitive men.


He will take care of your smallest needs


Women tend to be observant about the littlest things that men do for us. It is those little things that create a stronger bond because that shows how much your partner understand what you need without you having to ask for them. This makes us more happier and content about the decision of staying with the person. Sensitive men like to pamper their ladies, they bring you unexpected gifts, plan sudden dates, take care of you when you are sick. Even if it is something that you don’t really require, he will never fail to show his care.