7 Reasons why you must abstain from having sex!

It is the most beautiful form of expressing love in the most intimate way possible and hence should be left for appropriation when in love.Today, however it might be difficult for you to agree with me, considering the lifestyle we have learnt to follow. Loving, trusting, and keeping a relationship going seems like a tough thing to do. But we’re humans and we require having our needs and desires satiated right, so why not just go for it, without having any strings attached?

Yes it sounds like a good idea but it isn’t as good as you imagine it is. It has its drawbacks:

7 Reasons why you must abstain from having sex!


This is the most obvious reasons why you should abstain. Frequent sexual intimacy makes you vulnerable to diseases that may often be life threatening like HIV/AIDS, and other relatively less adverse ones such as Chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, etc.


Sexual intercourse causes various bodily complications when it happens before your body has completely matured. Choose to abstain from sex especially before you reach adulthood to avoid complications that may come in the way of pregnancy and affect your sexual health at a later age.


7 Reasons why you must abstain from having sex!

Sex is the ultimate form of intimacy and hence what may begin as casual sex may not end there, all the time. Either of the two people engaging in sex might get emotionally attached and when the other person cannot reciprocate the same feelings it is bound to cause deep emotional breakdown in one while feelings of guilt may arise in the other.



Yes, sex can become your addiction before you even realise it because sex is certainly a form of pleasure. A bit of it will make you crave for more which then will give rise to other difficulties relating to health, mental peace and so on. Abstain from sex when you aren’t sure about spending a lifetime together with your sexual partner to avoid any kind of issues.



7 Reasons why you must abstain from having sex!

Having sex too early in the relationship can damage the prospect of growth in your relationship; be it intellectual, spiritual or emotional growth. It is important to know and understand a person from a distance before getting physically intimate because like I mentioned earlier physical intimacy brings pleasure, so that it becomes difficult to realise whether you really are enjoying the pleasure of knowing the person or of having your physical needs met.

Sex early on in the relationship will curb your desire to get to know your partner on a deeper level because you have attained and consummated the ultimate intimacy with concerned person and soon you’ll get bored with him/her since you’ve stopped discovering one another.


No matter how annoying this may sound, it is a hard truth. We must keep up a show before certain people and in certain spheres and it is important that we maintain caution.

Leaking of intimate pictures or videos can pose a threat to your career and mar your reputation.


7 Reasons why you must abstain from having sex!

It is rather advisable to abstain from sex in the initial stages of a relationship even if you are extremely serious about your relationship, because you need to understand whether your partner desires you or your body.

If you’d like to avoid these mishaps in your life then try and abstain, hold yourself back, increase self control, know it’s for your own best. It might not seem very easy in the beginning but trust me it’ll work out perfectly gradually. Be patient.