7 Relationship milestones to hit before getting hitched

7 Relationship milestones to hit before getting hitched

Marriage entails a lot more than just saying your vows and tying the knot. Getting hitched is a big milestone of every couple’s life. A milestone that will bind them legally as a man and wife. Here are few big moments you must experience before getting hitched:


Having an established code of trust

Trust is the base of any relationship. Life will be bliss for both of you when you trust each other and have about a next to zero chance of being jealous. Spending some quality time with friends of opposite sex and then going through a fight at night with your partner for it? Nah not what you signed up for, is it? Building trust in each other is most important before diving into marriage.


You’ve been on a trip together

7 Relationship milestones to hit before getting hitched

Traveling together is a great way to know each other in and out. Meeting only on dates, spending a day out or partying at nights together is not enough to get to know each other. When you plan a getaway with your partner and face the unexpected- missing reservations, a simple bargain with the vendor or just while shopping you learn a lot about each other.


Accepting that relationships are always not 50-50

People tend to believe that in a relationship each partner should be equally committed. But it is not always so. There are times when one of you will have to give more and expect less from the other. These will be the moments where you will be tested; your understanding will be tested and when you surpass this test, your relation will be stronger than it ever was.


You’ve been through a crisis together

7 Relationship milestones to hit before getting hitched

Life is not always going to be stars and shine for you, there will be darkness too. You are perfect for each other if you have been there for each other through thick and thin even before marriage. You must be able to lend stability to each other when life is unbalanced and chaotic. Crossing this milestone of your life will make you stay more connected to each other.


Feeling secure with sharing a living space with each other


It’s important to be comfortable in each other’s living spaces before getting hitched. No, that doesn’t mean that you need to have a live-in relationship. In the stay-over at each other’s places, you need to give each other a helping hand in the household chores and errands. It’ll give you an insight of how considerate your partner is of your needs and much more. The cozy feeling of sharing bed with someone is a plus (well, never mind the snoring!).


You had a nasty fight and pulled through

7 Relationship milestones to hit before getting hitched

There’s no denying the fact that there will always be disagreements and shortcomings in each other which will lead to huge fights. One of you will have to be the problem solver and resolve the differences. Eventually, you’ll understand that sometimes there is more agreement in each other’s disagreement. Touching this milestone in a relationship where you know even the nastiest fights can’t break your bond is a must.


When you have seen each other at worst and still love each other


The lovey-dovey mood of your significant other is not going to be forever. Someday he/she might be in the miserable and stressful mood. Sometimes he/she might burst out on you as well, but that doesn’t change your love and feelings for him/her even by an inch. Moreover, you should be able to handle their moods and cheer them in spite of all the differences.

Getting hitched is not the ultimate goal but the start of new beginnings. You are going to be knocked down many times. What matters is how you get up after being knocked down. If you’ve touched all these milestones before marriage then life is going to be pretty much awesome for both of you.



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