7 Signs you have a great boyfriend who you should never let go!

If you are reading this now, you are in search of a great boyfriend or else you already have one and you wish to find out what separates an average from a great one. Frankly, the great ones are usually taken. And why won’t they? Who would leave the chance to let go of a great person in their life? Greatness is subjective and while I would lie to list out a few traits of a great boyfriend, this list isn’t exhaustive. Everyone wants to have the best in life and this is the same for their partners as well.


7 Signs you have a great boyfriend who you should never let go!

Sometimes, it just takes the effort to become great for nobody is born with great traits but rather they take the initiative to be one. Also, while looking for a great boyfriend you should make sure that you possess great qualities as well. Like attracts like, sounds fine? Of course no one can be perfect in all respects but the most important quality that makes a partner great is his compassionate behaviour. Here are 7 other signs that you could keep in mind while trying to analyse whether your match is the most compatible with you:


He makes the effort to communicate with you


A great boyfriend will always keep the channel of communication open for he understands that it is the best way to know you and vice versa. He tells you everything about his past and wants you to be confident about him. If you are the talkative one, he lends you a patient ear so that you feel heard. To him mutual understanding is the bedrock of a great relationship so he will make the effort to understand your viewpoints.


He is easily likeable


He has a good personality. He gels with people well and they like his company. He is the centre of attraction. His aura is unavoidable. People love his respectful nature. Children and older people alike he is an absolute favourite among all. This make you happy for you take pride in him and motivate him. His social life is active and he loves keeping people around him happy. [Read: 5 Stages in which men fall in love!]


He knows how to keep the chase


It is easy for people to give in their best when they haven’t won your heart. Most tend to take a backseat after winning over what they were chasing. A great boyfriend ill stay the same even after you are agreed to be exclusive with him. he will take care of you and do every little thing to make your happiness his priority. He puts your before him and is selfless with you. Taking you for granted is not the way he likes to be in a relationship for you are treated as an equal at all times. [Read: 5 Ways to ignore a guy and make him chase you]


Your interests matter to him


He is always noticing and listening to you. He is sensitive enough to understand your likes and dislikes and respects your opinions. He doesn’t believe in forcing you to do something that you don’t approve of. While you may engage in a healthy discussion when your opinions don’t match, he will never try and impose his decisions on you. [Read: 5 Habits that will bring your partner closer to you]


He stays in touch

7 Signs you have a great boyfriend who you should never let go!

A great boyfriend is always trying to know what’s happening in your life. He won’t abandon you unexpectedly and they reappear giving you no explanation at all. Just like you know what he is up to, he is equally interested in knowing about your day. You are always on his mind and calling you is just an excuse to listen to your voice which gives him so much peace at heart. [Read: 6 Reasons why he did not call you back]


He is passionate about your dreams too


Not just is a great boyfriend ambitious about his career he is equally passionate about yours. As much as he wants his success, he wishes the same for you too. He wants you to emerge as a team and achieve the best. He doesn’t ridicule you just because you are a woman. In fact he is believes in complete equality. You will be awe struck at how caring and patient he would be in motivating you to achieve your best potential. [Read: 6 Signs your guy is ready to get married to you!]


He respects your emotional and physical needs

A great boyfriend understands that you are an individual first and then his girlfriend. While communicating with you he got aware of what you expect from him. This is why he knows where is your emotional lacuna and will make the effort to work on what  you need. Sweet gestures always flow from his end and you feel really secure with his presence in your life. He loves to engage in great sex with you. Keeping his sex life active with you is what he also prioritises as much as fulfilling your emotional needs. [Read: The type of sex he wants according to his Zodiac!]