7 Signs that you are insecure even if you don’t wish to admit it!

Let’s admit it at the start. We have all been insecure. In fact, we are still insecure about something or the other if not completely free from it. This is not an attempt to demonise insecure women for we are all almost the same. If you find yourself relating wither one of these signs stated here, you could possible make an attempt to understand why it is happening and root out the cause so that other people attached to you do not have to suffer the mess that is created as a result of this insecurity. Here are a few signs that you are too insecure:

7 Signs that you are insecure even if you don't wish to admit it!

You are obsessed with your selfies:


Okay this may not sound like insecurity to some but yeah it is annoying to those who have to go through your innumerable selfies on social media. It is downright annoying when you have a selfie for almost every occasion. This shows how insecure you are and you need instant validation from people on your profile to know your worth.  The kind of pictures that you post on social media says a lot about your personality.

You have no life of your own:


You are so giving in your relationship that you forget what it is like to have your own life. All his likes become your likes. All his friends become your own and you basically have time only for him. This is okay as long as you don’t abandon the people around you and most importantly yourself for the sake of a relationship. You are dissatisfied with your own life so much that you wish to merge yours with someone else to feel better. Initially your partner might approve of such an annoying habit but with time you will become overbearing on him and kill your own worth as an individual. [Read: 5 Ways your life changes when you get married!]


You are needy all the time:


You have too many expectations out of every person. The moment they don’t cater to your needs you blindly disapprove of who they are. You need constant pampering. You believe that the moment someone abandons you for some work, they stop loving you. Hence, you seek their presence around you 24/7. You want people to constantly tell you that they need you as much as you need them so that you are reassured of the status that you enjoy in their life.


You don’t accept your mistakes:

7 Signs that you are insecure even if you don't wish to admit it!

You are so insecure that you wish to avoid taking all responsibilities for whatever you do. For you, the best way to get out of a situation is to blame people for all your troubles and even those troubles that you yourself are responsible for. You feel like you are perfect and can never make any mistake. So, you end up holding people responsible so that your mistakes do not haunt you. Plus you also make other feel guilty of doing things that they aren’t even responsible for. [Read: 5 Mistakes you are making while trying to attract men!]


You badmouth other people:


You are so very insecure that you seek happiness in gossiping about other people. Unless you have something negative to say about someone your day doesn’t brighten up. You pick flaws in what others do, undermine their worth and even start making mountains of mole hills. You tend to be so manipulative that you even make the other person believe that there is something wrong with them. You have this ability to make people feel bad about themselves so that your ego feeds on it to feel better about the same kind of misery that you suffer from.


You act too clingy:


Most of the times, you suffocate others with your presence. People want to just run away the thought of how clingy you can get. You are too dependent for even the smallest of issues to your partner, and if single to the closest person in your life. You constantly want him/ her around you. When people confront you about it, you have all these stupid justifications ready. You just don’t want to let people have their space for you cannot tolerate the idea of staying away and challenging your own existence. [Read: 5 Mistakes that make you a clingy girlfriend!]


You are always jealous


You cannot tolerate something good happening to someone. If a woman calls up your man you get crazy. You start mistrusting your partner for no reason. You start assuming things that do not even exist. You keep a check on your partner’s phones and have the passwords to all his social media profile just because you are always scared that someone may take your position in his life. A little jealously is understandable and even healthy in relationships. But if you only let that consume you so much so that you drive the other person nuts, this is a serious problem that you need to take care of. [Read: 5 Ways to contain jealousy and be an understanding girlfriend!]