7 Signs you are not attracted to your husband anymore

Any relationship works because people are attracted to each other. This can be anything depending the kind of preferences one has while initiating a relationship. For example, one might be attracted to someone purely on the basis of intellect or for others this might be based on appearance. Now this can be debated but that is not the concern of this article here. What I wish to tell you here is being not attracted to your husband or even losing a interest in him is a things to worry about. Marriage is a till date project and you cannot afford to let it go unless you choose to be casual about it knowingly.


Here are few signs that will tell if you have lost all your interest and whether or not it’s time that you work out your problems or just give up without causing further trouble for your husband who is actually stuck in a fake relationship.


It is better that you open up about your true feelings with your partner before you resort to worst options like cheating on him. Everyone deserves fairness in the relationship and so does your husband.


You complain about the way he looks


People undergo a lot of physical changes every day. And once you age, you may not want you take care of your body as much as you did when you were younger. This can be the same case with your husband. If you feel that you are complaining a lot more lately and resentful most of the times, just because your man doesn’t make an effort to look good, then you have lost that attraction towards him.


Whatever he says, you snap at him


No matter what kind of sense he speaks, you don’t seem to agree with him on anything. Whenever he talks you seem the least interested or counter whatever he says. Whether he cracks a joke, or shares his opinion, all you feel like is plain irritation. Nothing seems to make to want to listen to him. All you are doing his expanding the distance you have already created. This clearly shows that you don’t enjoy his presence anymore.


You don’t want to look good for him

7 Signs you are not attracted to your husband anymore

When people are in love, they want to look good for their partners. In fact we want to do everything possible to accentuate our best assents just so that our partners just can’t stop thinking about us. This is basic human behaviour around the people they love. We want to be appreciated and look like people turn their heads to have a glance at us. However, if you feel quite unmoved when your partner is around and stop making efforts you surely don’t want to attract him. That’s because you don’t consider him good enough for you anymore.


You don’t have time for him


You always have excuses ready whenever he wants to spend time with you. You do everything possible to get out of his sight whenever he is around. Even when he initiates romance you want to avoid him or just nag about your work and how busy you are or how tired you feel the whole day. All you do is get busy with your daily chores or choose to stay out of the house when he is in. You don’t accompany him to places anymore and dates seem to be a thing of the past.


You are already giving divorce a thought


Whether your partner is aware or not, you just want to get out of the marriage as soon as possible. You have already taken all the drastic decisions to cut off all sorts of communication with your husband. All you think of when he comes to you mind is a divorce. You just don’t want to make your relationship work anymore and have given up on the thought of visiting a relationship counsellor. That’s because you just don’t care anymore.


You are going out with random men


You have started drawing attention of other men. You enjoy their presence more in your life now. So much so, that you don’t shy away from meeting up random men. This doesn’t mean you have to sleep with someone to cheat on your partner. If you seem to like other people and have started developing an emotional attachment, then that counts as cheating too.


You don’t even sleep together

 7 Signs you are not attracted to your husband anymore

There were times when you sneaked out to just be with him and now, even sharing the same bed with him disgusts you. Having sex or not having sex, the craze of being around each other cements the relationship better. Even though one might argue that sex is important, sometimes that may not be the case at all.  Just wanting to feel him sleeping beside you might be enough if you love him. But if you don’t enjoy that anymore, your relationship needs a rethinking.