7 Signs that prove you are the best sex he has ever had!

Women tend to worry a lot about their physical compatibility with their partner. Sometimes, it is quite well founded for it is difficult to know this unless you are promiscuous or just like to have sex casually and you are used to the act. No offense, but if this is your case, you have brushed up your skills more or less. However, for those of you who are conservative and have been with a single partner, it is sometimes difficult to analyse if you are good enough or if you successfully give him the satisfaction that he is looking for. The idea of best sex may be quite relative. What appears as best sex to one man can be just plain vanilla sex for the other. You might be bothered quite obviously about his exes and start comparing yourself or even feel like he might be already doing that. If you are intimidated at that thought of popping this question, then here are a few ways in which you would get your answers easily:

7 Signs that prove you are the best sex he has ever had!

He curls up when you do things


Whatever it is that you might be doing to him, he seems to curl up and you can see him control himself from ejaculating prematurely. He shuts his eyes, clenches his fist or may be curling his toes. Be on the lookout for these signs for these will tell you how good your touch is making him feel.


He can’t help but start all over


He has been loving it so much that he can’t help but go all over again. If you have been successful in blowing him off completely, he can’t help but to start at a moment’s notice. He just can’t get enough of you and will be blown over with ecstasy at the thought of you. No matter where he is, he will be there to take you off your feet with mind blowing sex. This means you are literally ruling his sexual fantasies.


He will repeatedly talk about it


He will be so immersed in the act even after it is over that he cannot help but talk about it often. That may be through sexting, phone sex or even heavy flirting when he meets you again. This means that he is looking forward to a next time with you. In the mean time, he is building all the anticipation so that you are excited enough to do all that you are great at. He just wants to remind you how good you were and how much he adores watching you have raunchy sex with him. Girl, plain and simple: You are the best sex he has ever had.


He will compliment you


If you are the best sex he has had, then he can’t help but adore every inch of you. He will be filling you with compliments. You will only feel more confident with all his compliments. Trust me, if he is making the effort to verbally tell you how good you were, don’t just consider that trash. He really means it and wants you to be that great every time you indulge in sex.


He wants to try newer positions

7 Signs that prove you are the best sex he has ever had!

Another sign that you are the best partner he has had is when he is too excited to try newer positions with you. If you were really not that great, he would stick to plain boring sex. But when he is making that move to take you over from all directions, he just loves having sex with you. Plus, men feel the need to get competitive and perform better when you are too good. If he is getting adventurous with you, it just means that you are awesome at what you do and he wants to impress you hard.


He is ready to get submissive


Men usually want to win in the bedroom too. However, if you have been great, then he will probably want you to get wilder with him. He will be ready to make you his master and be treated like a slave. Go take that opportunity to show how naughty you can get. He will let you tie him up, kiss him wherever you want, be aggressive, make him submit to your fantasies and the list can go on. He just trusts your prowess enough to let you take over. Foreplay will be as equally exciting as sex. His touches will be never ending even after both of you are done for the day.


You feel great too


His satisfaction will not just depend on how he feels but also your reactions. If you make it obvious that he isn’t doing things right, then he will also tend to lose his interests in case he is of the type who respects you enough. So if you feel uncomfortable, that will reflect on his experience and the entire act may not turn out to be a great experience.