7 Signs your relationship is going to last forever

So you are with this man since a few months and everything seems a lot more exciting. Everything is fresh and you can’t help but seem to be very passionate and crazy about what you share for each other. But are you sure this will stay this way for years to come? Or maybe forever? So what is the secret of couples who seem to have it going for years and still feel the same for the person they love? What is it that they do differently? Fortunately, you can know if you will stay the same for all the years to come. You don’t really need to wait for years to know if you can actually make it till the last breath. So you can either patiently or just get out before things worsen. Here are the signs that your relationship is going to last forever.

7 Signs your relationship is going to last forever

You are very honest with each other


There is absolutely nothing that you keep away from him and vice versa. Being honest is very important no matter how bitter the conversation will be. This can range from harsh criticisms to reality checks. If both of you can tell things to each other without be scared of judgements and take everything with respect and tolerance, then undoubtedly this is the best way to make your relationship last.


You have sailed easily through hardships


Sometimes, issues in relationships gets very complex. The easiest way out is to give up completely and move on. If you have gone through the worst together like him cheating on you, or work life taking a toll on you, you suddenly losing all interest, or anything of this sort; if you still share the same love for each other despite those storms, your relationship is built strong. You will definitely stick to each other long- term.


You think of life the same way


You need to share the same interests and if not, at least have the attitude to adjust to each other’s needs and aspirations. You cannot completely look at entirely different situations and expect to live together long term. If you want to work, he has to be supportive. If he wishes to travel the world, you have to let him and still be fine about it. If you plan to settle down, he shouldn’t keep you waiting forever. All these things matter.


You stand up for each other

 7 Signs your relationship is going to last forever

You believe in him and he does too. He supports you in every situation and you can move the world to do anything for his happiness. This is team work. Relationships are like that. Unless you can really mean “I have your back”, our relationship is worthless. You have to be willing to defend each other in the worst of situations, save each other from any embarrassment that life throws at you. If you want to savour the happy moments together, you have to willing to weather the storms together. That is when you know you are meant to last.


You are great at communicating


You don’t keep your problems hanging. You are great at letting each other know all your problems. You want to discuss it and solve it as soon as possible. You also appreciate what he does and he is equally good at expressing his gratitude towards you. The worst thing that can happen in a relationship is having to hide things just because you fear being judged. Be sure that you can discuss everything with him no matter how unpalatable things might be.


You make undying efforts

 7 Signs your relationship is going to last forever

Relationships need efforts. You have to be willing to do things for each other or even work harder to keep that spice alive. If your efforts seem effortless with him, you will definitely stay together for the years to come. One sided efforts kill the relationship. Nobody wants to do all the job and get un gratefulness in return. You will get tired and eventually give up.


Sex hasn’t become boring

You still love the idea of touching each other. If sex is still exciting, you have nothing to worry about. Sometimes, touch gives you better signals than other verbal expressions of love. What sort of sexual pleasures you indulge in, that’s completely your choice. But if it is still alive and that’s still your idea of having fun in the bed room, then chances are, your relationship will last forever.


You need to understand that things are different for different people. What works for you may not work for everyone else. What is important is how comfortable you are with each other and how authentic you feel without trying to fit into the image of who you are not. If your relationship guarantees that, then you are meant to stay together.