7 Signs your social drinking has gone too far!

You might consider yourself as a moderate drinker. Well, that’s because you just take a glass of vodka or cocktail with your friend every night or alternative day. Sure it takes off your stress of the work week, or maybe sometimes you just have to drink because you are the only one not drinking. Social drinking is a way to de-stress and celebrate weekends but gradually it might turn you into an alcoholic. You have to look out for these signs to know whether social drinking has gone too far:

7 Signs your social drinking has gone too far!

Unable to stop once you start drinking

You plan on drinking a shot and then go on downing 4 of them and still continue with downing more. If this has been happening many times then you’ve really got something to worry about. You do not know when you turn into a binge drinker. You hardly pass on a drink and when you do, even you yourself are surprised then you no more are a moderate drinker and you really need to reevaluate the way you drink.


Blacking out on regular basis

7 Signs your social drinking has gone too far!

Drinking so much that you do not remember even a single thing next day? This is the warning sign. You drink because you have fun. Sure but is blacking out part of the fun? Ask yourself. If you let it slide once this might become a regular appearance, mind you!


Can’t wait for that 9 pm drink

If you get through your day just by thinking about a glass of wine that you’ll get to have once you finish work, then it might be a concern. Normally you would spend your day wishing to spend your time with family and friends. But if drinks occupy your thoughts whole day then the problem is getting worse. You need to recognize this and start to change your mind and interests.


Lying or hiding about drinking

7 Signs your social drinking has gone too far!

Not everyone reveals about their drinking habits. Some drink secretively and deny it in front of others. Though it is not much of a big issue, it matters, because you are somewhere either ashamed to admit the fact that you are on the verge of becoming a binge drinker or you yourself have no count on how much you drink. Both the reasons are a cause of concern.


You drink for wrong reasons

Drinking for some celebratory reason is different than drinking at the time when life gets hard for you to deal. It might be a deal breaker in your relationship if you run to a bar every time things get hard. There are so many other ways to deal with the loss, for instance- meditation, yoga or some alone time with your close ones. Don’t choose alcohol to drown into the spiral of your sorrows. Better get out of it by seeking comfort from your closed ones.


You let your responsibilities slide

7 Signs your social drinking has gone too far!

Drinking is a problem when you slide your responsibilities just for the sake of a glass of beer. When your children, friends or wife/Gf often complain about you becoming careless about your responsibilities then alcohol is certainly past the stage of an occasional indulgence.


Your dear ones are worried

If your family, friends or other people are not okay with your drinking habit and have not been on the same page as you when it comes to drinking then that means you really are binge drinking. They have even tried to hint it to you and you might not have paid heed then, but now it’s time you actually listen to what they are saying. People show concern because they are actually worried about you and not just to wrong you.

On the inside, you already know that being an alcoholic is not a good thing. You just have to listen to that one voice in our mind that says ‘This is not good’ and all you have to do is find that willpower in you to decline the drinks. If you have more than two of the above signs that you might be on the verge of being a binge drinker and this is your wake-up call.