7 Signs you are suffering from clinical depression!

It is hard to depart from the blues and monotony of life. It strikes everyone but a number ofus get hampered too much. The feeling of loneliness, sadness and misery piles up over time and results in state of medical help often called a state of depression. There are certain signs that indicate you are prone to clinical depression or maybe you are already in it.

7 Signs you are suffering from clinical depression!


Zero concentration

A depressed mind is unable to concentrate despite of repeated efforts. You start losing your memory power and terribly fail at making decisions. There is confusion and chaos inside the mind that doesn’t allow you to be attentive towards a particular thing and you fail at absorbing the activities around you.



No Drive

There is no drive and you feel energy less throughout the day. You struggle to find motivation in your life and anything good that comes to you is unwelcome from your side. Your desires seem to fade and you become drowsy.



Feeling unworthy and hopeless

7 Signs you are suffering from clinical depression!

Depression pulls you back and ignites space for self-doubt and dejection. You feel that you aren’t worthy of anything and that there is no hope for betterment. There is a mindset of forlorn despair and tragedy towards who you are as a person and you do not acknowledge your personality.



Sleeping Problems

Depression takes a toll on your sleeping patterns. You will see either you are sleeping all through the day or you are not sleeping at all. Insomnia is a common symptom of depression. You encounter severe problems in waking up from your bed in the morning and if insomnia is what is bothering you then there is extreme conflict in falling asleep.



Anxiety and Restlessness

Anxiety and depression go hand in hand. You start feeling anxious at strange situations and sometimes there is sudden outburst of feeling empty and aghast. There is a storm of restlessness that wrecks you and you are all over the place then.



Lack of interest

7 Signs you are suffering from clinical depression!

Your level of excitement or likeliness towards your favorite activities also falls down to nil. You begin shutting yourself from all sorts of events and there is no participation in anything. Pleasurable activities like sex and romance also fail to excite you.



Overeating or Loss of appetite

This is the most quick and common sign of depression. You will develop an eating disorder and will start munching everything that is around you when you feel uneasy. And, that feeling of uneasiness persistently surrounds you. Some just lose their appetite and even their favorite food items get rejected on table.


These are 7 most common signs of depression in women. If you think you have a couple of signs, then it is suggested that you seek immediate medical help. The doctor will help you identify things closely and can help you overcome the symptoms. These signs shouldn’t be ignores and things when piled up can result in irrecoverable void and starkness.






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