7 signs that he is the one



Are you dating? Or you have been in a relationship for some while? Yet, confused! if he’s the one? You get those butterflies when you see him but are often disappointed too! Eh! Tough know! Help out yourselves with these signs and check it out for yourself..


  • He has you in his AFTER-5 vision:

Talk about your future. Your expectations with oneself, career goals and family life. Where do you plan to see yourself after 5 years from now? Does it include you? If, yes he scores a point.


  • He tries to make you laugh:

This is small but important. Many around us, disappoint, nag or upset us. But only some will try to cheer you up, when they know it will be difficult to. Is he making that attempt? If always, he fetches some brownie points for it!


  • He is trying to make it perfect:

7 signs that he is the one

No, not everything is perfect and not everyone can be! What matters is how much we try. Does your boy try to fulfill your little wishes that you unknowingly wish by. Or he has them on his list? If yes, then you are really lucky!


  • He complains:

Does he tell you when you have been really rash with somebody? Does he try to make up for your faults and tells you to be careful next time? If he’s maturely handling your let-it-go attitude, believe us! He’s going to be there for a lifetime.


  • He respects you and your aspirations:

If he respects you like he respects her mother, sister and other family females, it means he has you in his head and heart. If he looks up to what you aspire to be, what you wish to do and constantly pushes you towards it. Then, hold his hand, he’ll take you through!


  • He expects:

7 signs that he is the one

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Expectations are usually believed to toll down relationships. But the fact is, it’s fake to exist without expectations. You need to return the love and hard work that he’s putting into you. If he expects your calls, your care and attention. If he expects you to be the way he is, committed and loyal, it’s a yay!


  • He confides in you:

A mean world! self-loving souls. In today’s scenario, if somebody is confiding into you, their dreams and passion.You need to know that you mean them a lot really. If he confides into you, his fears , his expectations and the reasons for his mood, you’re the one for him! And obviously! He’s the one for you!



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