7 Signs your man doesn’t like you anymore

Has your man slowly lost all interest in you? Sure, things may have been great at the start but you slowly realise that he is withdrawing. You no longer see the initial spark in him.

When people aren’t interested we try harder to keep glued to us. In the process we scare them away. You shouldn’t wait for a man to tell you he doesn’t like you anymore, The signs are pretty much clear. Here are a few you should look out for.

7 Signs your man doesn't like you anymore

Responds late to your texts


No matter how busy one is, if he likes someone he will stay in touch and not come up with lame excuses that he is busy. A disinterested man will avoid texting or maybe resort to monosyllable texting, i.e, “OK”, “Yes”, “Hmm”. He may be busy in an important meet for a day or two but if he texts you irregularly, you should be alarmed. This is the most classic example of being ghosted. Texting is just a formality for him or worst, he will block you on his social media profiles.


He dumps plans with you


He doesn’t wish to spend time with you. It needs a hell lot of coaxing to make him go out with you. Initially he might just agree to, but that is again to keep you distracted for some time. Did he come up with excuses like, “I lost track of time”, “I had something important to attend to”, “My friends have already planned something”, etc ? Don’t be foolish. Don’t get played. He just doesn’t consider you important enough. Things were different when you met him for the first few days. With time, his interest has faded. He has all the time in the world for everything else except you.


He remains glued to his phone


He doesn’t care to keep his phone away when you are with him. Whether it’s his work or just a damn stupid game, that attracts him more than you do. If he was still interested in you, would have his undivided attention. He wouldn’t let touch his phone. He gets very secretive when he texts other people. Worst still, he is still active on his dating profiles, messaging random women even when you were supposed to be in a exclusive relationship.


You rarely make love to each other

 7 Signs your man doesn't like you anymore

Both of you were crazy about sex during those initial days. Neither of you could keep your hands off each other. If he likes you, he will touch you even if that is a nonsexual touch. However, if you no longer find him touching you, he clearly has feels for someone else. PDA has vanished and even sex is a rare phenomena now. This shows that he is bored with you. There is someone else ruling his mind and body now.


He doesn’t communicate with you


Previously you spent hours talking to him. Days would turn to nights and you wouldn’t even notice. Talking to you seems like a Herculean task for him. Even listening to you talk irritates him. He feels you talk trash. He snaps you when you come up with something interesting to share. His frustration or even disgust will be very apparent. This shows his lack of care towards you. You are just an additional baggage for him and don’t be surprised if you get dumped soon enough.


Whatever you do angers him


This is something I have experienced too. Things that he actually found cute before, appear annoying now. Previously he took pride in flaunting you. Nowadays, you seem to be a source of embarrassment for him. Whatever you do makes him angry. He picks faults with you more than he ever had in the past. He might question your dressing sense, make fun of the way you talk, dictate his terms on you and accuse you of whatever wrong happens with him regardless of whether you are involved or not.


He is mean to you

 7 Signs your man doesn't like you anymore

There were times when your happiness meant so much to him. If you were sad, it drove him crazy. He would do everything in his capacity to ease out things or at least make you feel better by cracking stupid jokes. He would hug you, cuddle with you, take you out, refresh you. However, you are slowly realising that your moods don’t have any effect on him. He ridicules you in front of his friends. He just doesn’t care about your feelings anymore. He no longer makes an effort to see you smile.


If these signs are pretty much obvious, think again before you head further and invite heartaches. You deserve to be happy and in a fulfilling relationship. If that isn’t the case don’t wait for him to hurt you beyond repair. Just let go.



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