7 Small things that make you feel beautiful!

Every traveler has a story to tell and every travel has a story to explore. We cherish the memories that we make and tag them under our sad or happy experiences. Between these sad and happy experiences, are trapped the moments that make you feel special and wanted. In the daily run of life, we forget to embrace ourselves by getting too involved in the surroundings. And then the small things brings us the true happiness and reminds us of ourselves. Some of the small things that make you feel beautiful are:

7 Small things that make you feel beautiful!


“Are you a dancer because you have very beautiful eyes”. You must have to similar compliments from random men who didn’t expect anything in return. That genuine compliment must have bought an honest smile on your face and must have made you feel beautiful. Knowing that a compliment wasn’t used as a pickup line but to praise the beauty you possess is the best. These genuine compliments mean a lot more to you than the cheesy lines from movies. And these compliments take up the special place in our memories.



7 Small things that make you feel beautiful!

Every woman loves being appreciated for her work and when she is appreciated by someone she admires or looks up to, gives her a great feeling. Whether the appreciation is for setting up the dinner table beautifully or cracking a business deal, it always makes us happy. We never forget the appreciation that we get and always use it as a motivation to take a step ahead and achieve things on a larger scale. It brings out the talent and the beauty in us.



The kind and the polite words, and the respect one gives you and you work makes you feel beautiful. Though these are small gestures but they still make you feel like a princess. The little tricks and the sweet surprises leave us amazed and speechless. Being treated like a lady by a gentleman gives you butterflies in your stomach and takes you out of the world. These moments make you fall in love with yourself which in turn makes you love your surroundings.



7 Small things that make you feel beautiful!

You feel beautiful when you do something good for others and getting yourself in someone’s comfort zone is one big achievement. You become an important part of someone’s life, making you the person who gets the chance to share their sorrows and happiness. You feel wanted and happy at the same time because you are making a difference in someone’s life just by your presences. Enjoy the feeling that you experience because these are the precious moments of your life that might not return.



The smile that the morning bed tea and breakfast brings on your face are the results of the hard word done by your loved ones to make you feel loved. All the pampering they do and all the love they shower on you in different ways makes you feel loved and being loved is the best. The pillow fights and the short arguments make you feel alive. These become the flashback of your good times and the part of the silent ‘’ I love you ”. Their love and care takes you to a different world and makes you feel beautiful.



7 Small things that make you feel beautiful!

Yes, the inner beauty is very important but sometimes your outer beauty too gives you the reason to feel beautiful and gets you excited. And having a good hair day is one of them. Carrying the perfect hairstyle since morning without the need of constant care is one of the amazing days and a
compliment for your hair is like a cherry on top of the cake. Your hair is perfectly bouncy, flowy, soft, smooth, shine and moisturized, and you look stunning in all the hair-dos.



Dancing gives you a chance to express all your emotions without being judged. It helps you remove all the chains that hold you back and allows you to fly away from all your problems. Dance connects your soul to your body and takes you to another world with no strings attached. You find and explore yourself and future your talents. Dancing with someone allows you to understand them by feeling their pain and happiness. Dance relieves you from your pain and makes you feel beautiful.


The small things that happen around us are the true reasons for our happiness because they are the part of the path you choose to achieve your dreams. These small things will remind you the difficulty and the happiness you received on the way to your goal. These small realizations are the solutions to the big problems. These small things make your life beautiful in many different ways. So live them.